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Thanks to Ed Dempsey and Bob Hadley for the two Innis Street pictures found below.

Kindergarten Innis Street School 1950 – 51

Back Row L-R: Cathy Manion, Chris Gill, Jack McDonald, Mrs. Minnich

2nd Row: Bob Hadley, Eloise Forshee, Tom McCutchen, unknown I1, Ed Dempsey

Front Row: Bob Danzer, Terry Ballard, Karen Fleeger, John Barnes, Patty Woods, Bob Oliver, Bob Buckham

Kindergarten Innis Street School 1950 – 51

Left Table: Bob Danzer, Ed Demsey, Bob Oliver, Patty Woods, Jack McDonald

Middle Table: Eloise Forshee, John Barnes, Bob Hadley, Bob Buckham, Karen Fleeger, Chris Gill, unknown I3

Right Table: Cathy Manion, Tom McCutcheon, Teddy Ballard

Mrs. Minnich

Thanks to Rebecca Hogg (Pierce) for the picture below.

While Rebecca’s done her best at identifying everyone in the picture, there are some that I need help with.  If you can identify any of the Unknowns,please let me know who they are and include the “Unknown #”.  Also, if I have made any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

Kindergarten at Plummer, 1950-51

The kindergarten class was from Plummer School, not Lincoln. Plummer (the town) was on the road to Pleasantville, not in Oil City. (so the city kids didn’t go there). After so many years, they moved that kindergarten to the Hasson Heights school, but I don’t know what year they made that change. – Rebecca Hoog
Fourth Row: Unknown K11, Alvin Kessler, Tom Thomas, Unknown K14, Peg Nilsson,  Sherry Sager, Unknown K13, Teacher: Ms. Coon (Never married and as of 2008 was still alive and living near Meadville.)

Third row: Janet Horn, Gary Proper, Unknown K9, Sandra Cotterman, George Frawley, Unknown K10, Gerald Rankin, Barbara McCoy.

Second row: Janet Gibson, Susan Lindquist, Unknown K5, John Mohnkern, Gerald Felmlee, Judy Oliver, Unknown K7, Unknown K8, Margie Herron

First row L to R:  Kathy Bayne, Unknown K1, Rebecca Hogg, Bill Kribbs, Carol Thomas, Richard Hockenberry, Unknown K2, Unknown K3