The image below was contributed by Karen Toy Pearson.
While Karen and I have done our best at identifying everyone in the picture, if there are any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

Grant Street School Sixth Grade 1956-57

Top Row L-R: Bob McSparren, Jack (Roger) Travis, Jack Lewis, Walter Brockway, Jean Collins, Shirley Yashinski, Linda Spence, GS61?, Sue Leadbetter.

Third Row: Judy Grubbs, Sharon Schuler, Joyce Schreffler, Donna Kahle.

Second Row: Judy Jacobs, Mrs. McKissick, Mr. McCartney, Georgia Stack, Elaine Proper.

Bottom Row: Judy Barrett?, Karen Toy.

Thanks to Rebecca Hogg (Pierce) for the picture below.

Everyone seems to be identified in this picture.

Hasson Heights 6th Grade Class, 1956-57

L to R, Top row: Bill Kribbs, Gary Proper, Jim McCauley, Carl Zaccaria, Jerry Rankin, Richard Hockenberry, Bill Irwin, Harold Wise, John Mohnkern

Second row from top: Gordon (Skip) Cook, Nancy Henderson, Sue Lindquist, Rebecca Hogg, Nancy Scriven, Tom Thomas

Third Row from top: John VanWormer, Floyd Fry, Alvin Kessler, Connie Snyder, Sherry Sager, Sharon Heffern, Joy Holt.

Forth Row from top: Linda Fornoff, Peggy Nilsson, Margy Herron, Carol Thomas, Jane Miller, Sandra Cotterman, Barb McCoy

Bottom Row: Kathy Bayne, Judy Sherlock and then Mary Glass

Thanks to Jim Putnam for the picture below.

While Jim, with the help of Peggy Snyder Bianchi, Gary Barnes, and Pat Allebach Daugherty have done her best at identifying everyone in the picture, if there are any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

While this picture is labeled the “Fifth Grade 1956-57”, it is actually of the sixth grade class, see the image of the 7th Street School 5th grade class here.

7th Street School 6th Grade Class, 1956-57

L-R Top Row: Susan Scott, Blaine Uplinger, Karen Wygant, Virginia Ross Eloise Forshee, Sandra Gold, Dorothy Sallade, Shirley Rosen, Peggy Snyder.

Second Row Form Top: Dennis Mitchell, James Putnam, Edward Paup, William Passauer, Thomas McCutchen, Robert Yeager.

Bottom Row: Terry McElhatten, Leroy Vandall, Mrs. Parsons, Thomas Hicks, Betty Simpson.

Thanks to Gail Hicks for the picture below.

7th Street School 5 & 6 Grade Basketball Team 1956-57

L-R Top Row – Dennis Mitchell, Tom Hicks, Jim Rembold, James Cochran, Jim Putnam, Dick Krug

1st row – Tom McCutcheon, Sam Krug, Terry (Bugs) McElhattan, Gene Harkless and Butch Huey

Thanks to Connie Evans (Perry) for the picture below.

Gay Street School 5th and 6th Grades, 1956-1957

Top Row (L-R): Judy Krug, Rose Moon, John Shaughnessy, Clifford Deeter, Melvin Bussard, John Deeter, Henry Burchanowsky,
Ted Stoudt, Howard Sibble, Dennis Detar

Third Row: Helen Walters, Dorothy Krawiec, Nancy Rogers, Patty Cherry, Gloria Giles, Arlene Giles

Second Row: Bill Womer, Dennis Kurtich, Jack Porter, Dick Curran, Tom Porter, Harry Walters, John Croyle, Connie Evans, Wanda Moon

Bottom Row: Gordon Mitchell, Jim Grinnen, Clif Spence, John Deeter, David Lynn, Bob Copley, Jim Edwards