Thanks to Nancy Turner Swanson for the picture below.

Oakland School 1955-56

Top Row – Raymond Caldwell, Gene Mitchell, Betty Haylett, Nancy Turner, Dennis Horn, Robert Sampsell, Dave Myers, Donna Wise, Raymond Dunkle

Row 2 – Carla Confer, Sharon Douglas, Carolyn Brown, Linda Carson

Row 3 – Calvin Horn, Tom Caldwell (Raymond and Tom Caldwell are not twins), Mrs. Staub, James Huff, Jacqueline Peterson

Bottom Row – William Armstrong, Harriet Haney, Kenny Knox, Jerry Nelson

Oakland School closed in 2015, incorporated like so many others. – Nancy Turner Swanson

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5th Grade Innis Street 1955-56

Note: If you compare this image to the 1st Grade Innis Street school image, you will notice some of the original 1st grade classmates missing, namely Susan Scott, Eloise Forshee and Peggy Snyder as examples. This is because the 7th Street School opened this year and those living near the new school were transferred out of Innis Street, I’m sure to the disappointment of old friends.
Top Row: Bob Hadley, Bob Danzer, Wiley Hewitt, Dale Truby, Rick Montana, Gerald Felmlee, Jim Olmes, Ed Dempsey, Bob Buckham, Bill Wigren, Paul Palmer

Middle Row: Greg Williams, George Kern, Ronald Mathews, John Barnes, Linda Babcock, Judy Erickson

Bottom Row L-R: Jane Jackson, Pat Michaels, Peg Stewart, Judy Barrett, Cathy Rose, Blanche Mitchum, Kay Smith

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Thanks to Charlotte Conn Kovach and Carol Thomas Krawiec for helping with the names. As you can see, we need some help with the remaining names. If you know any, please email me: [email protected].

Lincoln School 5th Grade 1955-56

Top Row: Kennith Danials, Unknown L5-1, George Frawley, Unknown L5-2, Jobie Carman, John Depew, Jack Henderson, Unknown L5-3, Leroy Jones

2nd Row: Douglas Anthony, Richard Conn, Patty Hartzell, Judy Burchfield, Sandra Gold, Charlotte Conn

Bottom Row L-R: James Etzel, Eleanor Bacher, Linda Barr, Donna Kahle, Miss Campbell, Robin Horne, Janet or Nancy Kinch, Unknown L5-4

The image below was contributed by Carol Myers Billiel

Thanks to Carol Myers Billiel, Carol Thomas Krawiec and Connie Perry for helping with the names.

Lincoln School 5th Grade 1955-56

Top Row: Kenny Rodgers, Karl Seifert, Jim Oakes, Robin Horne, Unknown L4, Jerry Murray, Ken O’Neil, Unknown L6, David Valentine, Bill Downing, Dottie Sallade

2nd Row: Patty Rosenburg, Carol Schwabenbauer, Unknown L9, Bill Nelson, Jim Swires, Unknown L11

Bottom Row: L-R Carol Myers, Tom Kerr, Joe Ludwig, Unknown L12, Judy Wallace, Carol Shawl and Don Deloe

The image below was contributed by Karen Toy Pearson.

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Grant Street School 5th Grade 1955-56

Top Row L-R: Donna Kahle, Dennis Carbaugh, Ron Caldwell, Jack (Roger) Travis, Sharon Schuler, Jean Collins, Elaine Proper.

Middle Row: Sue Leadbetter, Bob McSparren, Ron Taylor, Georgia Stack.

Bottom Row: Judy Jacobs, Joyce Schreffler, Judy Grubbs, Linda Bender, Linda Spence, Karen Toy, Walter Brockway.