The image below was contributed by Barbara Palmer Tenney.

There are two unknowns in this image. If you can help with their names, please email me with the updates.

The Siverly Elementary School Grade 4.

Back Row: Jack Porter, Jay Dougherty, LeRoy Jones, Terry Ausel, Bob Budzinski. Claude Brown, Dave Wilson, Jon Gustafson, Ken Winger, Sam Malene, Bob Gesing, and Monroe Keys.

Second Row: Viola Grant, Carolyn Shaughnessy, Sylvia Wolcott, Joyce Boyles, Edwina Coughlan, Mary Dunkle, Rita Stoudt, unknown S1, Elizabeth Brown, Judy Boyles, Janice Aiken, and Teacher Mrs. Payne.

Front Row L-R: Joyce Ralston, Peg Nelles, Donna Sylvester, Connie Snyder, Connie Motter, Barb Palmer, Jean Mohnkern, Carol Whitehouse, Mary Gadley and Laura McCauley.

Thanks to Charlotte Conn Kovach for the picture and the names below.

4th Grade Lincoln School (1954-55)

The teachers are Mr. Rholeder (Principle) and Mrs. Steffee.

Top Row: Keith Cockran, John Depew, Bud Blouser, Douglas Anthony, Rith Trout, David Jennings, Richard Conn, Bob Dunney.

2nd Row: Kennith Daniels, Allen Karns, David Depew, Peggy Gardner, Robert Trout, Basil Keely, Jerry Ferthz ?, Jack Henderson.

1st Row L-R: Judy Burchfield, John Deshun, Sandra Adhemar, Anna Cook, Charlotte Conn, Patty Hartsell, Harreit Heney, Jim Etzel, Joby Carman, Linda Barr.

Thanks to Carol Myers Billiel for the picture below.

Thanks to Carol Myers Billiel, Carol Baker Boyle and Rebecca Pierce-Ruhland for helping with the names.

4th Grade Lincoln School (1954-55)

Top Row: Jerry Murray, Carl Seifert, Ken O’Neil, Tom Kerr, Alan Mochel, Robin Horne

2nd Row: Teacher: Mrs. Martha Guyton, George Frawley, Edwina Coughlin, Carol Shaw, Unknown L23 , Carol Schwabenbauer, Kenny Rodgers, Jerry Schwab, Principal: Mr. Rholeder.

Front Row: L-R Jim Oakes, Joe Ludwig, Carol Myers, Judy Wallace, Patty Rosenburg, Edwina McLaughlin, Frances Unknown L26, David Unknown L27

Thanks to Jim Putnam for the picture below.

While Jim, with the help of Peggy Snyder Bianchi, Gary Barnes, and Pat Allebach Daugherty have done her best at identifying everyone in the picture, if there are any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

If you can identify the Unknown, please let me know who it is and include the “Unknown #”

Central Avenue School 4th Grade, 1954-55

L-R Top Row: Gary Hanna, John Huey, William Wigren, Donald Edwards, Blaine Uplinger, Terry McElhatten, Leroy Vandall, Gary Barnes, Donald Rembold, Dennis Carbaugh.

Third Row: Walter Harkless, James Putnam, Robert McSparren, Donald Reed, Edward Paup, Dennis Mitchell, John Clark, Richard Krug, John Henninger, Teacher – Mrs. Elder.

Second Row: Sandra Boyles, Wiley Hewitt, Patricia Allebach, Virginia Ross, Jane Hanna, Kay Smith, Carol Baker, Mary Tarr, Phyllis Keefer, Mary Kaufman, Nancy Caldwell

Seated: Shirley Rosen, Frances Thomas, Diane Terrill, Linda James, Georgia Stack, Unknown C1, Betty Poorman, Mary Clark, Frances Lape.

Thanks to Rebecca Hogg (Pierce) for the picture below.

Everyone seems to be identified in this picture.

Hasson Heights 4th Grade Class, 1954-55

Top Row L to R: Sherry Sager, Sue Lindquist, Peg Nillson, Mrs. Kuhnz, Joy Holt, Sandra Cotterman, John Mohnkern

Second Row: Kathy Bayne, Vikky Schultz, Barbara McCoy, Carol Thomas, Rebecca Hogg, Margie Herron, Nancy Scriven, Saundra Gricks

Front Row: Bill Irwin, Tommy Thomas, Carl Zaccaria, Alvin Kessler, Jerry Rankin, Richard Hockenberry, Bill Kribbs, George Frawley.