Thanks to Jim Putnam for the picture below.

While Jim, with the help of Peggy Snyder Bianchi, Gary Barnes, and Pat Allebach Daugherty have done her best at identifying everyone in the picture, if there are any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

Central Avenue 3rd Grade Class, 1953-54

L-R Top Row: Mary Tarr, Patricia Allebach, Edward Gibson, James Cochran, Mary Kaufman, Linda James, Phyllis Keefer, Georgia Stack.

Third Row: Carol Baker, Betty Poorman, Diane Terrill, Blaine Uplinger, John Clark, James Putnam, Leroy Vandall, Dennis Mitchell.

Second Row: Gary Hanna, Dennis Carbaugh, Jane Hanna, Frances Thomas, John Huey, Walter Harkless, Richard Krug, Gary Barnes.

Bottom Row: John Henninger, Wiley Hewitt, Frances Lape, Donald Edwards, William Proper.

Thanks to Rebecca Hogg (Pierce) for the picture below.

While Rebecca’s done her best at identifying everyone in the picture, there are some that I need help with. If you can identify any of the Unknowns, please let me know who they are and include the “Unknown #”. Also, if I have made any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

Hasson Heights 3rd Grade, 1953-54

Top Row L to R: John Mohnkern, Tom Thomas, Bill Irwin, Jerry Rankin, Alvin Kessler, Ed Hower, Gerald Felmlee, George Frawley

Second Row: Bill Kribbs, Carl Zaccaria, Sherry Sager, Peg Nillson, Barb McCoy, Joy Holt, Richard Hockenberry, Unknown 32, Mrs. Buchna

Front Row: Sue Lindquist, Sandra Cotterman, Carol Thomas, Rebecca Hogg, Saundra Gricks, Nancy Scriven, Janet Horn, Margie Herron

The picture below was sent to me by Connie Evans Perry. There is a little controversy over this image. The picture was submitted to me as a combination 5th & 6th grade class picture. However, this class picture may be of the Gay Street 3rd & 4th grade, the 4th & 5th grade, or the 5th & sixth grade class. I have placed it as a 3rd grade image because I (Bill) only attended Gay Street School while in the 3rd and 4th grades. I attended 5th grade at the 7th Street School as can be seen by my image there. I also placed the picture here because we look so young. I believe we look like we are about 8-9 years old (3rd grade), not the 10-11 years old we would have to be for the 5th grade. If anyone has proof as to what grade this is, please let me know at [email protected].

Gay Street School – 3rd & 4th Grade Classes 1953-54

Back Row L-R: Gary Lucas, John Butts, Bill Passauer, Jack Krug, Danny Klugh, Jim Edwards, David Lynn, Terry Ingham

Middle Row: Michael Rogers, Patti Fitterers, Carol Rogers, June Shirey, Nancy Henderson, Karen Sprinkles, Mary Stubbs, Cathy Moon, Bob Smith, the teacher Miss Beckwith

Front Row: Cliff Spence, Gloria Giles, Melvin Buzzard, John Deeter, Gordon Mitchell, Henry Burchanowski, Judy Krug, Wanda Moon, Connie Evans