Thanks to Charlotte Conn Kovach (Rick Conn’s sister) for the picture below.

Lincoln Junior High and Grade School 1st Grade (1951 – 1952)

I need some help with the names for this picture. If you were in this class, please send the names you know to me at [email protected]. Thanks

Top Row: Rick Conn, Joby Carmen, Douglas Anthony, Tom Weaver

4th Row: Eddy Dolby, Charlotte Conn, Kenny Weniger, Carrol Peden, Walter ?, Pattie Harmond and John ?

3rd Row: Tom Hartzell, Pattie Hartzell, Elizabeth ? and Joe Ludwig

2nd Row: Tom O’Brien, Sharon ?, Dave Hartzell, Mary Larkin, Sue Myers, Jane Cochran and Jack Henderson

Bottom Row: John Riley, Helen Anderton, Jimmy Etzel, Linda Barr, Jay Doherty