The class pictures provided below are in two resolutions. The picture available when you select the picture thumbnail is suitable for viewing on your computer screen. However, the image available at the, “Click here to download a high resolution image” was scanned at 300 DPI and is suitable for printing.

Thanks to Carol Thomas Krawiec for coming up with the names of our classmates in the images. For the few names that are missing. If you know the classmate, please email me the name and the location where the name belongs.

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1973 Class Reunion

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The picture was taken at the Wanango Country Club
10th Year Class Reunion – 1973
Reno, Pennsylvania

Top Row (L-R): Dick Healy, Bob Yeager, Larry Waitz, Wiley Hewitt, Tom Hicks, Richard Hockenberry , Ken O’Neil, Calvin Horn, George Bryan, Bill Wigren, Dave Wilson

7th Row (L-R): Jim Putnam, Bill Nelson, Floyd Fry , Clay Campbell, ? , John Greene, Dick Redfield, Blaine Uplinger, Don Delo, Jim Blum, Bill Passauer, Jerry Rankin, Bob Miller

6th Row (L-R): Ken Winger, Dick Krug, Frank Grzasko, Robin Home, Carl Gardner, Greg Williams, Dave Carnahan, Jim Olmes, Jon Gustafson, Rick Montana

5th Row (L-R): Jim Etzel, Ed Szympruch, Tom Kerr, Gloria Giles Dougherty, Carol Myers Billiel, Nancy Rogers, Dixie Tingue Andres, Joy Caldwell Doverspike

4th Row (L-R) David Myers, Gail Kulling Hicks, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Connie Evans Perry , Rosalie Porath Henry, Sharon Heffern Reninger, Georgia Stack Strawbridge, Linda James Brown

3rd Row (L-R): Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Donna Sylvester Krahling, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Linda Carson Waugaman, Jackie Fry Chickerella, Margie Herron Spain

2nd Row (L-R): Alva Knight Fink, Cathy Rose Taylor, Candy Paine, Jane Cochran Bergin, Maryann Grzasko Wheeling, Barb Palmer Tenney, Joyce Ralston, Blanche Mitcham Gaillard, Peg Snyder Bianchi, Betty Poorman Lynn

Front Row (L-R): Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Betty McKenzie, Jackie Gonzalez Jarzab, Pat Allebach Daugherty, Pat Woods, Peg Nelles Neal, Pat Kulinski, Peg Sayers Nelson, Sue Lindquist Highfield, Dottie Sallade Kerr, Joy Holt Faas, Sherry Sager Switzer

The 1978 reunion class picture is missing.
If you have a copy, please contact Bill Passauer at [email protected]. Thank you.

1983 Class Reunion

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Picture Taken at the Cross Creek Resort
20th Year Class Reunion – 1983
Titusville, Pennsylvania

Top Row (L-R): Gerry Nelson, Blaine Uplinger, Ken O’Neil, Bill Nelson, Bill Passauer, Dave Myers, Ed Szympruch, Floyd Fry, Paul Schoonover, Gene Mitchell, Howard Whitling, Bob Yeager,

3rd Row (L-R): Gary Proper, Georgia Stack Strawbridge, Peg Stewart Barickman, Dottie Sallade Kerr, Betty Poorman Lynn, Gail Kulling Hicks, Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Judy Wallace, Peg Nilsson Light, Sr. Louise Olsotka, Nancy Turner Swanson, Peg Sayers Nelson, Connie Evans Perry , Carol Whitehouse Mohnkem, Jane Miller Homer, Sue Lindquist Highfield, Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Donna Sylvester Krahling, Barb Palmer Tenney, Gloria Giles Dougherty, Connie Snyder Barnes

2nd Row (L-R): Pat Michaelson Breman, Chris Gill, J ackie Fry Chickerella, Pat Allebach Daughtery , Connie Horn, Margie Herron Spain, Eloise Forshee Messer, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Peg Snyder Bianchi, Joy Caldwell Doverspike, Joyce Ralston, Linda James Brown, Sherry Sager Switzer, Kathy Bayne Foster, Joy Holt Faas

Bottom Row (L-R): Tom Kerr , George Kern, Terry McElhatten, John Depew, Jim Etzel, Dave Wilson, Bob Hipwell, Tom Hicks, ?

1988 Class Reunion

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Picture Taken at the Wanango Country Club
25th Year Class Reunion – 1988
Reno, Pennsylvania

Top Row (L-R): Rick Conn, Tom Kerr , Dave Myers, Jon Gustafson, Carl Seifert, Jerry Rankin, Bill Passauer, Terry McElhattan, Bob Hadley, Jim Etzel, George Kern, Steve Mix, Dave Wilson

3rd Row (L-R): Peg Nilsson Light, Connie Snyder Barnes, Gayleen Chelton Crawford, Sue Scott Wright, Carol Baker Boyle, Betty McKenzie, Pat Michaelson Breman, Pat Allebach Daugherty , Candy Paine, Blanche Mitcham Gaillard, Sue Lindquist Highfield, Joyce Ralston, Sandy Gold Mamott, Nancy Henderson Davis, Shirley Rosin Saito, Peg Snyder Bianchi, Margie Herron Spain, Eloise Forshee Messer

2nd Row (L-R): Carol Whitehouse Mohnkem, Gloria Giles Dougherty , Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Betty Poorman Lynn, Georgia Stack Strawbridge, Joy Holt Faas, Rita Stoudt Seifert, Donna Sylvester Krahling, Sherry Sager Switzer, Connie Evans Perry, Connie Motter Brock, Jane Miller Homer

Front Row (L-R): Gary Proper, Gordon Mitchell, Gerry Nelson, Norm Ochalek, Phil Irwin, Bob Greene, Dave Lynn, Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Ed Szympruch, Ken O’Neil, Bob Danzer, Bill Wigren, Bob Yeager

Stretched out on the floor: Carl Zaccaria

1993 Class Reunion

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Picture Taken at the Knight’s of Columbus Hall
30th Year Class Reunion – 1993
Oil City , Pennsylvania

Top Row (L-R): Dick Krug, George Kern, Jane Jackson, Cathy Rose Taylor

8th Row (L-R): Gene Mitchell, Maryann Grzasko Wheeling, Joy Holt Faas, Gordon Mitchell, Pat Woods

7th Row (L-R): Ed Budzinski, Bill Wigren, Joyce Ralston, Georgia Stack Strawbridge, Dottie Sallade Kerr, Blanche Mitcham Gaillard

6th Row (L-R): Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Eloise Forshee Messer, Tom Hicks, Gail Kulling Hicks, John Greene, Sandy Gold Mamott, Bob Miller

5th Row (L-R): Connie Evans Perry , George Bryan, Jackie Fry Chickerella, Ed Szympruch, Carol Baker Boyle, Pat Allebach Daugherty , Bill Kribbs, Gary Proper

4th Row (L-R): Ray Dunkle, Dave Wilson, Sue Leadbetter Chapin, Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Dick Hockenberry , Dave Myers

3rd Row (L-R): Judy Grubbs VanGuilder, Margie Herron Spain, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Bob Danzer, Jon Gustafson, Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Donna Sylvester Krahling

2nd Row (L-R): Jerry Rankin, Jane Cochran Bergin, Gayleen Chelton Crawford, Peg Snyder Bianchi, Terry McElhattan, Sherry Sager Switzer, Dave Carnahan, Larry Waitz

Front Row (L-R): Dave Lynn, Sam Krug, Jim Etzel

1998 Class Reunion

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Picture Taken at the Arlington Hotel Parking Lot
35th Year Class Reunion – Saturday, 18 July 1998
Oil City, Pennsylvania

Top Row (L-R): Blaine Uplinger, John Depew, Gene Mitchell, Rick Conn, Bill Passauer, Dave Lynn, Norm Ochalek, Gordon Cook, Clay Campbell

3rd Row (L-R): James Etzel, Bill Wigren, John Greene, Ray Dunkel, Eo Mike Budzinski, James Crawford ill, Frank Grzasko

2nd Row (L-R): Bill Downing, Sherry Sager Switzer, Peggy Nilsson Light, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Connie Evans Perry , David Myers, Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Donna Sylvester Krahling, Nancy Henderson Davis, Sandy Gold Mammot, Dave Wilson, Terry McElhattan, George Kern

Bottom Row (L-R): Patty Hartsell Downing, Joy Holt Faas, Carol Baker Boyle, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Maryann Grzasko Wheeling, Patricia Allebach Daugherty , Gloria Giles Dougherty , Connie Motter Brock, Peggy Snyder Bianchi, Barb Palmer Tenney, Joyce Ralston

2003 Class Reunion

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Picture Taken at the Arlington Hotel
40th Year Class Reunion – 2003
Oil City, Pennsylvania

In this year’s reunion, about one-fourth of the class attended. Unfortunately twenty-six of our classmates have passed on while two of our beloved classmates wanted to attend but could not due to severe illness.

Top Row L-R: Ken O’Neil, Ed Szympruch, David Myers, Gene Harlkless, Norm Ochalek, David Lynn, Bill Passauer, Gordon Mitchell, Bill Wugren, Jim Putnam, Blaine Uplinger, Al Kessler, John Depew

3rd Row L-R: Blair Hildebrand, Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Pat Allebach Daugherty, Peg Nelles Neal, Sylvia Wolcott Myers, Sue Leadbetter Chapin, Judy Grubs Van Guilder, Eloise Forshee Messer, Peg Snyder Bianchi, Joyce Ralston, Pat Cherry Bajorek, Carol Baker Boyle, Frank Grzasko, David Carnahan

2nd Row L-R: Clay Campbell, Carol Myers Billiel, Connie Evans Perry, Joy Holt Fass, Sandy Gold Mamott, Sherry Sager Switzer, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Jackie Fry Chickerella, Mary Ann Grzasko Wheeling, Conner Motter Brock

Bottom Row L-R: Larry Waitz, Jim Etzel, Terry McElhatten, George Kern, Gene Mitchell, Dick Healy