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September 2010

Jane Cochran Grice came into town and a few of us got together at Hoss’s.

Sitting: Jane Cochran Grice and Carol Thomas Krawiec

Standing: Connie Evans Perry and Ron Mathews.

Bill Nelson, Peggy Sayers Nelson visiting Bill Passauer in St. Augustine, FL in March 2010.

The images below. from Sep – Nov, 2009, are from our classmate Rick Conn living in the Philippines.

I moved to the Philippines about ½ year ago. I live on a small island called Panglao that is connected to the big island of Bohol via a bridge. It is not prone to floods or typhoons at all. Mainly the weather is HOT, and 80% humidity but mostly sunny all the time!!!!!!

I went thought a divorce last year and was very unhappy. Also, I could not find a nice girlfriend in the states but that is not a problem over here!!!! Lots of beautiful women and a very, very easy life style. The women here are beautiful, kind, loving and the best wife a man could ever have. They are devoted to their husband. They are also the most simple, kind, loving people you will ever meet!! I came here after I looked at my options after getting divorced in the USA and didn’t like them. But they are sure great here! My girlfriend’s name is Lerma, I think you can see from her smile what a great person she is. She is 30 years old by the way, but looks lot younger. She comes from a poor family but a wonderful loving family. Family is everything over here!

I am attaching a picture of my house, with the pool, that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. I must say that I never thought I would be living here a few years ago. But it really is great over here and the cost is about 1/3 of USA. Also I can afford to get sick here and no way could I get sick in USA. I feel fine but you never know.

I play tennis everyday in the town of Tagbilarin to keep fit. I also dive and snorkel.

Thanks for your interest in my life over here. I hope to move back to the Foxburg area for summers by the way, so maybe next summer I will be in town.

This is Clay Campbell singing Rubby Ducky at the Honky Tonk, February 2009 at Red Bird Mission in Kentucky.

Nancy (Scriven) Reese 2008

For those of you who don’t remember Nancy, she was with us from kindergarten thru grade school, then moved to Cranberry. She will be at the 2008 class reunion, so be sure to say hi.

Biker Bill on his trusty Harley 2008.

Ruth & Rick Montana (2008)

John & Christine Vender (Christmas 2007)

John Vender and Senator John Glenn (Spring 1995)

“Accolades from Sen. John Glenn”

Col. John Vender, executive director for the B1-B aircraft Operational Readiness Assessment and 1963 graduate of Oil City High School, was praised by Senator John Glenn (D-Ohio) for his integrity during recent test result briefings in Washington, D.C. As on-site director for the Congressionally-mandated test, Col. Vender’s assessment of the B1-B’s readiness is being used by the Air Force in force structure planning for the next decade. This highly decorated veteran of 99 combat missions in Vietnam recently retired as a command pilot and was awarded the Legion of Merit medal by Gen. George Harrison. Col. Vender resides with his wife, Christine, in Albuquerque, N.M. He is the son of Evaline Vender and the late Ted Vender.