The following page shows pictures from spur of the moment get-togethers. The latest pictures are on top.

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Sept. 18, 2012 Class get-together at The Log Cabin

Jackie Fry Chickerella came home from the Pittsburgh area.

Second row: Gary Barnes, Gene Mitchell, Ron Mathews, George Kern, John Depew and David Lynn.

Front row L-R: Carol Thomas Krawiec, Jackie Fry Chickerella, Gail Kulling Hicks

July 30, 2012 Class get-together at Hoss’s Restaurant

Back Row: Steve Mix, George Kern, Ron Mathews and John Depew.

Second Row: Terry “Bugs” McElhattan, Rick Conn, Sandy Gold Mamott, Patt Rosenburg Steele, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Pat Cherry Bajorek, Sandy Comiske Kurtick, Mary Ann Grzasko Wheeling, Gene Harkless, and Gary Barnes

Front Row L-R: Connie Evans Perry, Charlotte Conn Kovach, Sherry Sager Switzer, Gail Kulling Hicks, Joyce Ralston, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Nancy Scriven Reese, Clay Campbell

Friday July 15, 2011 at the Log Cabin

Back Row: Sherry Switzer, Ron Mathews, Sandy Comiske Kurtich, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Connie Evans Perry and Rick Conn

Front Row L-R: Greg Williams, George Kern, Clay Campbell, Dave Lynn and Gene Harkless

September 20, 2010 at Hoss’s

2nd Row: Gene Mitchell, Charlotte Conn Kovach, Joyce Ralston, Norm Ochalek, Bill Passauer, Gary Barnes, Jim Etzel, Ron Mathews, John Depew, Connie Evans Perry, and Ken Winger.

First Row L-R: Sherry Sager Switzer, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Joy Holt Faas, Pat Allebach Daugherty, Clay Campbell, and Dave Lynn

August 23, 2010 at Hoss’s

The new girl that you haven’t seen in a picture before is Barb McCoy Sullins (sitting in the front row to the right of Carol). She is from California now. Barb was with the hill gang until the 8th grade. Welcome home Barb.

3rd row: George Kern, David Lynn, Gary Barnes, Barb Palmer Tenney, Sue Leadbetter Chapin, Sandy Cotterman Douglas, Ron Mathews, and Connie Evans Perry

2nd row Norman Ochalek, Walter “Gene” Harkless, Linda Carson Waugaman, Joyce Ralston and Pat Cherry Bajorek

Front row L to R: Gene Mitchell, Sherry Sager Switzer, Judi Grubbs Van Guilder, Nancy Scrivens Reese, Carol Thomas Krawiec, and Barb McCoy Sullins

November 17, 2009 at King’s Family Restaurant

Back row L-R: Ron Mathews, Barb Palmer Tenney, Linda carson Waugaman, Joyce Ralston, Charlotte Conn Kovach, Sandra Cotterman Douglas, Donna Sylvester Krahling, George Bryan, Gary Barnes and Gene Mitchell.

Sitting L-R: Dave Lynn, Joy Holt Faas, and Carol Thomas Krawiec

August 13, 2009

3rd Row: George Kern, Gail Kulling Hicks, Sandra Gold Mamott, and Ron Mathews

2nd Row: Linda Babcock Fisher, George Bryan, Linda Carson Waugaman, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Walter “Gene” Harkless, Gary Barnes, and Jack Travis

Front Row L-R: Barbara Palmer Tenney, Nancy Scriven Reese, Sherry Sager Switzer, Joy Holt Faas, Joyce Ralston, and Sandra Boyle Travis

April 18, 2009 at the Log Cabin Restaurant

3rd row: Dave Lynn, Sandra Cotterman Douglas, Barbara Palmer Tenney, Ron Mathews, Connie Evans Perry, and Charlotte Conn Kovach.

2nd row: Lee Vandall, Linda Carson Waugaman, Joyce Ralston, Pat Allebach Daugherty, and Mary Ann Grzasko Wheeling

Front Row L-R: Joy Holt Faas, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Sherry Sager Switzer, and Nancy Scriven Reese

Five girls from the old Hasson Heights School – April 18, 2009

Back Row L-R: Nancy Scriven Reese and Sandra Cotterman Douglas

Front Row: Joy Holt Faas, Carol Thomas Krawiec, and Sherry Sager Switzer

December 15, 2008

A Christmas mini-reunion at the Hoss’s restaurant.

Third Row L-R: Gail Hicks, Ron Mathews, Connie Evans Perry, Sherry Sager Switzer and John Mohnkern

Second Row: Linda Carson Waugaman, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Carol Whitehouse Mohnkern, Dave Lynn

Front Row: Joy Holt Faas, Sandy Cotterman Douglas, Gary Barnes and Clay Campbell

July 2008

Third row L-R: Blaine Uplinger, Maryann Grzasko Wheeling, Connie Evans Perry, Joy Holt Faas and Bill Passauer.

Second row: Carol Baker Boyle, Pat Allebach Daugherty, Dick Healy, Carol Thomas Krawiec, and Joyce Ralston

Front row: Clay Campbell, Ron Mathews, Vikki Schultz Doutt, Dave Lynn

On July 28, 2008, fourteen of our fellow classmates, additional spouses and friends got together for a mini-class reunion at the Seneca, Hoss’s restaurant across from the Cranberry Mall. Dick Healy brought his wife, brother (class of ’64) and his sister-in-law. Ron brought his wife, Joy Holt brought a friend and Blaine Uplinger brought his wife. We were twenty in all. The mini-reunion was preceded by a storm that almost ended the reunion before it began. About an hour before the mini-reunion began, an emergency announcement was made on the local cable that a severe storm was headed toward Venango County. Well, by 5:45, no storm was in sight, so I headed toward Cranberry. However, about a 1/4 mile from Hoss’s, the heavens broke open. My car began being pelted with what sounded like millions of 1/2 inch hail. After a few moments of this, my belief was that my car was being destroyed by mother nature. In a rush, I floored the car toward the awning of the new Cranberry Holiday Inn. Ducking under the overhang, I waited out the storm. Once the storm passed I proceeded on to Hoss’s where I found additional classmates huddled in their cars. However, once inside, we all joined in the fun of being with one another again. It was only after I left the mini-reunion I discovered how lucky we all were. It seems that while Hoss’s had plenty of electricity, everything on the Cranberry mall side of the road was dark and closed down. While we were there Carol Baker Boyle made the announcement of the Pre-reunion party that will be held at her farm on Friday, Sept. 19th.

October 2007

Back Row L-R: Bill Passauer, Dave Lynn, Sandra Gold Mammott, Ron Mathews, Sherry Sager Switzer and George Bryan.

Front Row: Carol Thomas Krawiec, Vikki Schultz Doutt, Norman Ochalek, Gail Kulling Hicks.

On October 2nd, ten of our fellow classmates, and additional spouses, got together for a mini-class reunion at the Seneca, Hoss’s restaurant across from the Cranberry Mall. We all had a wonderful time catching up on each other’s lives, sharing stories, and reminiscing about our life and times growing up in Oil City during the 50’s and 60’s. There was even the possibility that our Larry Waitz and his wife Carol were going to surprise all of us at the get-together, but unfortunately he was not feeling well enough to attend.

July 2007

Back Row L-R: Jim Etzel, Pat Allebach Daugherty, George Kern, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Joy Holt Faas, and Gail Hicks.

Front Row: Dave Lynn, Ron Mathews, John Depew, Mary Ann Graszko Wheeling, Sandra Gold Mammott.

Eleven of us from our class finally got together for lunch out at Hoss’s and we had a great time. I guess as long as I’m here (Carol) I get to do it again next month. Everyone thought that was a good thing to do, so while George Kern was here we figured we better do it, as he is leaving tomorrow for Michigan. George retired as of the 8th of June, along with Jim Etzel. Gail mentioned that someone else is coming around the 20th or so of August, so they want to do another get together then.