Pictures of the Oil City High School Class Reunion held on September 20, 2008 at the Cross Creek Golf Club near Titusville, PA.
Many thanks to Ted Krawiec (Carol Thomas’ husband) for the pictures found below.
Thanks to Carol Thomas for providing the names for the pictures.
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Rouseville School

Back Row: Larry Waitz, Pat Cherry Bajorek, Jacqui Gonzolez Jarzab, John Greene

Front Row: L-R Gail Kulling Hicks, Sam Krug, Jackie Fry Chickerella

Innis Street School

Back Row: Robert Buckham, Ron Mathews, Jim Crawford, Bob Hadley, George Kern and Greg Williams

Front Row: L-R Wiley Hewitt, Ed Dempsey, Bill Wigren, Clay Campbell and Jack Travis

Gay Street

Back Row: Gordon Mitchell, Melvin Buzzard, Dave Lynn and Bill Passauer

Front Row: L-R Connie Evans Perry, Gloria Giles Dougherty, Pat Cherry Bajorek and Nancy Rogers

Hasson Heights Grade School

3rd Row: John Mohnkern, Jerry Rankin, Gordon “Skip ” Cook and Dave Lynn

2nd Eow: Sandy Cotterman Douglas, Rebecca Hogg Pierce-Ruhland, Sharon Heffern Reninger and Bill Kribbs

Front Row: L-R Sherry Sager Switzer, Nancy Scriven Reese, Joy Holt Faas, Carol Thomas Krawiec andVikki Schultz Doutt

Siverly School

3rd Row: John Vender, Dave Wilson, Rita Stoudt Seifert, Mary Dunkle Samarra and Ron Mathews

2nd Row: Carol Whitehouse Monhkern, Donna Sylvester Krahling, Edwina Coughlan Michel, and Connie Motter Brock

Front Row: L-R Mary Gadley Rupp, Clay Campbell, Sylvia Wolcott Myers and Joyce Ralston

Grant Street School

Sandy Gold Mamott, Elaine Capraro, Judi Grubbs Van Guilder and Georgia Stack Strabridge.

Lincoln School

Back Row: Gordon “Skip” Cook, Sandy Gold Mamott, Jim Etzel

Front Row: L-R Gordon Mitchell, Dave Lynn, Karl Seifert

7th Street School

Back Row: Bill Passauer. Gary Barnes, Sam Krug, Terry McElhattan, Gene Harkless and Blaine Uplinger

Front Row: L-R Vikki Schultz Doutt, Pat Allebach Daugherty, Sandy Boyles Travis, Eloise Forshee Messer

Oakland School

Linda Carson Waugaman, Dave Myers and Nancy Turner Swanson

Clapp Farm

Mary Ann Grzasko Wheeling, Wayne Reed and Jacqui Gonzalez Jarzab