Many thanks to Carol Thomas Krawiec for the pictures found below. While I’ve done my best at identifying everyone in the pictures, there are some that I need help with. If you can identify any of the Unknowns, please let me know who they are and include the “Unknown #”. Also, if I have made any mistakes with any of the names, please let me know at [email protected].

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Gail Kulling Hicks, Gary Chickerella (Jackie Fry's husband, Tom Hicks, Linda Carson Waugaman, Unknown A8


Jackie Gonzalez Jarzab, Ken O'Neil, Eloise Forshee Messer


James Snyder, David Myers

Unknown A10, Kenny Winger, Linda Carson Waugaman, Unknown A11

Peg Nelles Neal

Floyd Fry, Sue Lindquist Highfield, Jim Olmes, Joy Holt Faas

Tom Hicks, Gail Kulling Hicks


Greg Williams, Roberta Williams (Greg William's wife), Pat Woods, Candy Paine

David Myers, Ed Szympruch, Tom Kerr, Bill Highfield

Gail Kulling Hicks, Sue Lindquist Highfield

Sherry Sager Switzer, Dottie Sallade Kerr, Carol Schwabenbauer Szympruch, Floyd Fry, Linda Carson Waugaman