Some of you have asked me about what my motivation was to create the class homepage.  In a few simple words, our wonderfully, funny Sherry Sager (Switzer) was. 

At our 2003 class reunion, Sherry was the mistress of ceremonies.  She indicated that only about one-fourth of the class had come to the reunion.  With that, Sherry asked us all do what we could to bring out more of our classmates to our next reunion in 2008 (our 45th).  Having the ability to author an internet web page from my love of computers, the “Classof63” homepage was born.  However, as explained below, my motivation was more than that, but Sherry certainly–put me over the edge!

I have always felt that because of the lack of work in our area, many of us had to leave Oil City.  I left myself in 1964.  As I’ve grown older, there has been an ever growing draw for me to get back to Oil City.  A friend of mine, Dave McVay of McVay Real Estate in Oil City, told me once after I asked him how business was, that much of his business has been from people like me that have moved away.  They are returning to Oil City as they retire.  While I won’t be doing that, because our extended family lives near us, I have returned many times to visit family.  I have also conducted a lot of research on my family tree and collected many old photographs and the history of the area.  Unfortunately, much of it is copyrighted and therefore cannot be posted on the web page, but I will be placing what I can in the Photo Gallery.

I see the class web page as a way of drawing our class back together again, for class members to find each other after many years of separation, to renew old friendships and to share the old times through photographs, stories, etc.  I have also found that it has introduced me to fellow classmates that I never had much of a relationship with while in school.  We have had some wonderful “conversations” via email.  When you look at how spread out we are across the United States, this web page becomes even more important.

Could you please help the class.  If you took photos while we were in school or at any of the reunions and would like to share them–that would be wonderful!  If they were photographs and you have a scanner, could you please scan them at 150DPI minimum, provide a caption for each and email them to me?