As of 1988 – See also Sandy Boyles (Travis) – Sandy and I have two daughters in their mid-thirties, two sons in their mid-twenties, and five grandsons. They are all terrific, but we’re still hoping for a little granddaughter to spoil rotten. I left the supermarket business in 1980 and joined the sales department of the Stroehmann Baking Co. at the Erie, PA agency. I just retired from there at the end of October, 2004. I enjoyed the work, but the only part I really miss is some of the people. Sandy is still in nursing. She began her career at the Oil City Hospital, then worked at several nursing homes around Venango and Crawford Counties. She really enjoys helping geriatric patients. She is currently employed at the Crawford Co. V.N.A. as a supervisor where she has been since 1988. Many of our former classmates are frequently in our thoughts, and those of us who are undergoing difficult times are in our prayers.