(Updated Oct. 27, 2003) – Ready to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary to Jim #2. As you all know, Jim #1 (Jim Oakes) passed away March 26, 1977. Jim died in a National Fuel Gas Company accident in 1977. My children were two and three at the time. Jim was the second member of our class to pass away. We were married in Dec. of 1966. My son Frank (31) is an engineer in Columbus Ohio. He works for the Department of Transportation and works on cars of the future. He is married and has two dogs…..so I have two granddogs. My daughter, Amy, (30) spent four years playing Division One basketball in the MACC division. She now lives in Washington, DC and has two children. Her husband is an attorney there. However, they have decided the big city is not where they want to raise their children so they are moving to Erie over the Thanksgiving holiday. Matt has accepted employment in Erie with a local law firm. I continue to teach. I teach juniors and seniors Theology at the local Catholic High School, Villa Maria Academy. There is never a boring day for me as each day is different. Jim is still at Lord Corporation and is an engineer there. Both of us threaten to retire soon….but for some odd reason we just continue on. I guess we are comfortable in our careers. My hobbies are still playing around with my home and using my art talents. These include, painting, crocheting and knitting, and drawing. My major in college was Elementary Education and my minor was Art……I love all aspects of it. I’m not playing tennis any longer. My knees gave out about 15 years ago…..several doctors prescribed surgery but I have yet to have any….I just limp! Some days it is difficult to walk up the three floors to my classroom, but I always manage…….my son took up tennis and was nationally ranked for several years. Jim sings for a local Barbershop Quartet / and Chorus and is always busy. We plan to spend a lot of time with our two grandchildren once they move to Erie.