(Updated August 17, 2008) – I am a computer scientist with ABB, Inc (a Swiss/Swedish power system engineering company). We design, develop, market and maintain a computerized outage restoration system for the Electric Utility industry. I have worked for ABB for 41 years. My wife Melanie and I have been married for 38 years. Melanie owns a company called COMPUTERTIME, LLC. She teaches computers to approximately 100, 3-5 year olds in four different day care centers. We have lived in Cary, NC for the last 16 years. I was transferred there from Pittsburgh after ABB bought out my division from Westinghouse. We have two sons David (34) and Todd (20). David is divorced and lives in Indianapolis, IN. He is a CFP with Merrill Lynch. David has two children: Lucas Alexander ( 5 ) and Sydney ( 3 ). David will be married again in October in Austin, TX. Todd and his wife Tracy live in Raleigh, NC. Todd is a CPA with the American Institute of CPAs and Tracy is a computer engineering manager with IBM. Melanie and I both are active in our church and enjoy traveling and visiting with our children and grandchildren when time permits.