(Updated Jan. 13, 2014) – I am now retired after 42-1/2 years of work (Retired June 30, 2006). I had triple by-pass heart surgery in 2001, and that has caused me to cherish life a little more than work. Being able to spend more time with my loved ones is very important to me. We currently have no plans to move as our daughter and her family live here in the Washington D.C. area. Just what will I do while retired. In addition to my “Honey Do List” that seems to grow each day, I have many hobbies consisting of astronomy, photography, making furniture and large toys from wood, computers, creating websites, playing guitar (both acoustic and electric), golf, genealogy, my grandchildren, any new electronic gadget that comes on the market, and of course, my Harley. By the way, I am now a true biker. I had my first accident in May 2006. I rounded a switch-back (180 degree turn) a little fast and hit the guardrail. My right foot was pinned between the bike and the guardrail which broke the fibula bone at the base of the foot. Five weeks in a cast (Harley orange and black of course) and four weeks of therapy. As of May 2007 the ankle was as good as new and I was back on the bike.

After high school graduation, I entered the US Navy to serve my obligated time to Uncle Sam. While in the service, I became experienced in electronics, radars, missiles, and computers. In 1967, I married Suzanne Grandelis of Oil City (she went to Cranberry High School), whom I dated throughout high school. We have one daughter, Kristin. When the hobby computer market exploded in 1978, my family and I had just returned from living in Italy for four plus years. We moved to the Chicago area where I supervised a school in advanced electronics. While there, I learned how to fly Cessna 150s and 172s and started my own computer software company. My most successful program was a database application for the Apple II computer called, “The Data Factory”. Lucky for me, it found its way to number one on the software market, including use at Cape Kennedy and as far away as New Zealand. After my first retirement in 1985, I joined Titan Systems, Corp. of Washington, D.C. I continued to work for Titan Corp. for 21 years, exactly, until my retirement on June 30, 2006. I wore many hats there. I was their Configuration and Quality Manager, authored technical and training documentation, conducted training for NATO personnel, was a Deputy Program Manager, computer programmer, and problem solver to name a few. Since my work consisted of mainly NATO contracts, I traveled about 3-4 times per year to Europe and Asia. This provided me with the opportunity to conduct research on my family genealogy. Doing so, I was able to trace my family back to Hilst Germany. I have actually been able to visit the places my family came from, interview people, and collect old family pictures and documents. Of course, I then created web pages for each of our family trees. Suzanne and I have lived in Fairfax County, VA since 1985. We are located exactly one-half hour from the Washington Monument of Washington, D.C. We love going into the city to the various shows and museums. Our daughter Kristin married Brian Hall. They have three children, Alexa (22), Mia (19) and a little surprise, Mason (15) as of 2014. Since they live only ten miles away, we get to see them often.