As of August 26, 2011 – I moved to Mabank, Texas. My friends, whose business I’d managed for over eight years, sold their prime three-acre commercial RV / boat storage property. They had asked me to consider moving here to their area which is 65 miles SE of Dallas at Cedar Creek Lake. I’d reached the saturation point of living in the desert for over 31 years and after investigating this area for a year once the property was on the market (no realtor involved! – just me, the "town crier" getting the word out to customers and friends), the property sold and I decided to move here. I had not wanted to move back to El Paso and wanted to live in an area where there were tons of trees and green vegetation. I moved into my own place again on 11/1/2011 after house-sitting for my friends for seven weeks while they took an extended trip cross country hauling their 5th Wheel. I am now no longer semi-retired and finally am enjoying a full and happy retirement. I’m so glad I made the move. I would welcome hearing from any of my former classmates if any of you would wish to contact me.

As of 1988 – After graduating in l963, I went to work for the State Department in Washington, D.C. from l963-l965; worked for HQUSAEUR in Heidelburg, W. Germany as a civilian employee for year and a half and then back to the State Department where I worked until l978. I moved to El Paso, Texas in 4/78 – worked for a construction company for several years and then the United Way of El Paso. I was hired as a Letter Carrier by the U. S. Postal Service in 8/83 where I worked until I retired on 12/31/03. Since 2/2003, I have lived at Elephant Butte, New Mexico and am semi-retired. Elephant Butte is the site of the largest reservoir/lake in the state of New Mexico (40 miles long) and located 6 miles outside of Truth or Consequences. I am the on-site Manager for one of the larger RV/Boat Storage companies here (171 rental spaces for equipment). I manage the company for my best friend and her husband who left El Paso a year before my retirement and now live south of Dallas, Texas on another lake. I enjoy managing their business as it doesn’t keep me tied down all year. It’s enough to keep me occupied and active (plenty of exercise), but not overly occupied, and no pressure! I have been married and divorced three times (the third time was not the charm!) and I don’t look anymore as my picker appears to be broken! No children, unless you count the four-legged variety.