As of December 2, 2011 – I am still working at Joy Mining and in February I will have 45 years of my life in the company. I have truly enjoyed every position that I have had there and will retire as an MRP Controller sometime in the New Year.

After graduating from Humboldt Institute, I went to work for Eastern airlines in New York City until I started working for Joy in Feb. 1967. Not long after I married Dick Oxenham and we divorced a couple years later. I married Charlie Brown in 1977. I have 2 step-children and 4 step-grandchildren. I have two Shelties which are now 9 years 4 months old. Anyone who has pets know that they are my family. They keep me company especially while my husband is traveling. They are somewhat fickled when he is home. Sometimes they are his dogs and sometimes mine. I believe that stems from him working from home. During the weeks, he is here a lot more that I am.

In my spare time, I attend a a Bible Study and plan to join another during the Lenten season, I go to Weight Watchers (am a Lifetime member), I do palates, walk a lot, love to read and do cross stitch, also knit dish clothes. I value my time with my husband when he is not traveling and my friends are the highlight of my life along with him and my grandchildren. I do not get to see the grandchildren much since they all live out of state but when I do, I am thrilled to be with them.

I have loved life and have, to date, been very fortunate that I am healthy. I keep moving as much as possible and pray that I continue to be healthy along with my loved ones.