(Updated Oct 29, 2003) – At this time in my life I am very spiritually connected having spent hours in quest of a stronger faith I consider myself a "recovering Catholic," but spend time with the Buddha, Muslim, Jewish and Pentecostal and all other religions. My spiritual path is eclectic. The difference between organized religion and a spiritual path is this: Organized religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell & a spiritual path is for those who have already been there and do not want to go back (unknown source). I also have a yoga background and can finally free stand on my head… or at least the last time I tried, took me a few years of practice to get that. So Namaste to all. I like to think I enjoy my life which is pretty full. I am still with the Palm Beach County School District but after getting an EdD in 89 I decided to return and picked up another degree as a Therapist or (The -rapist as someone once pointed out) . Thank the Dali Lama for that. I am a counselor (on my time) to Hanley Hazelden where I mostly facilitate groups on codependency. I have a small private practice. I am still fringe lunatic with countless certificates in energy healing, EMDR, too many others to consider. After age 50 I was diagnosed as ADHD which never surprised my friends. I have written 1 mystery/murder novel but have not attempted to have it published. There are thousands of poems in my collection which probably started with Dave Myers’s campaign for some office. Is that correct? I have ghost written for some rather famous, maybe infamous persons. Worked with Bodhi A in Calif. 2 summer ago on her Book LIVING in BLISS which is Tantraa Yoga (sacred energy not sex as some misguided thinkers assume). But it is okay to assume whatever the individual wants because I try (key word is try) to live in a nonjudgmental union with mankind and with self. My dear friend B.J. McKenzie lives about an hour from me and for our birthday this year we went to see Sea Biscuit. At one particular point we both said almost in unison as we cried our eyes out. I am so glad that we got to see this together. My 3 children are grown, my oldest son Tom is in Oil City, Michelle has 1 year left for school psych degree at Nova. I am requesting prayers for my middle son SSG David Simon Jarzab who is a Ranger in the U.S. ARMY. David left Sunday OCT 26 from Alaska on a long range recon scouting assignment. His duty there will be for 6 months with possible extension. I was signed up to attend the last reunion and do not know how I thought the dates were for the following week. The fact that those of us in Oil City find time to do all this work is amazing to me I am in awe of my classmates and humbled by the achievements, verve and communion of our classmates. Most exciting adventures have been sky diving and a 100 mile hike in the Rockies where I almost drown in a private white water trip down the Kicking Horse Class 4-5 rapids. Seems that my wet suit was too large and when I hit the water to swim through a level 3 rapid I sank into the 38 degree water, lucky for me my hiking mate noticed. I have always wanted to do the OUTBACK but never made it. Any adventure seekers left ? Maybe we could do a reunion in Australia 45 or 50 cause we aren’t getting older we are getting better.