(Updated Oct. 18, 2013) I am still practicing law with emphasis in real estate transactions in Charles Town, WV. The children are doing well. Katie, the eldest, just got her first job as an RN, Addie is now in law school and JB will graduate this December from WVU. Karen is a retired RN and spends her time helping the kids, substituting as my receptionist, keeping the house up and volunteering for our church. My brother and sister still both live in Atlanta and are well and healthy. We are blessed.

(Updated Oct. 10, 2005) – I retired as the Commander of the West Virginia Air National Guard after 37 years at the end of August. JB has joined his sister at Mercersburg Academy. Other than that, I have less and greyer hair, all else remains the same.

(Updated Nov. 11, 2003) – Professionally I am the managing member of Crawford & Keller PLLC ( and I am still a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard. Family wise, Karen and I have three children ages 17, 15 and 13. Katie, the oldest and the leader, will be graduating from Stuart Hall in Staunton, VA. She was accepted for admission to Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN with a proposed major of athletic training. Adelaide, the “Avis” child, entered Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, PA and is doing well. She loves soccer and started for the woman’s varsity soccer team this fall. JB is in seventh grade at Country Day School and he appears to have found himself this year. He achieved the honor roll the first grading period. He is the blue team captain (school colors are blue and gold) and the treasurer of the student senate. Karen runs the house and is a retired emergency room and military flight nurse (Lieutenant Colonel). Brother Mike and Sister Nancy live in Atlanta and are healthy and well.