(New July 18, 2004) – I moved to Erie, PA a few years after graduation and worked for Oakdale Corp (Holiday Inns) for several years. Married and moved to Northampton, OH where I lived and worked in the construction industry until divorced. Spent 2 summers in Alaska and 1 in Hawaii. Moved to Mesa, AZ in 1981 where I continued working in the industry and believe it or not am still here. I have 3 grown stepchildren, 2 currently residing in Southern CA, where I frequently visit, and the other resides in OH. I have 6 beautiful grandchildren and 2 GREAT grandchildren. I am currently employed as the Price & Presentation Supervisor for Target Corp. Love to travel, ski, hike, and spend time with friends and family. Usually try to make it back to PA at least once a year to visit family. Even though my time at OCHS was very short I would enjoy hearing from classmates.