Below are biographies of our fellow classmates that begin with the bios from our 25th class reunion booklet.
If you don’t see a “Last Date Updated” with the bio, then the bio is from 1988.

Needless to say, our bios need to be updated after all these years. Please provide information on what you have been doing in your life, your successes, hobbies, information about your family, etc. Some pictures of your family, including your grandchildren, would be wonderful. E-mail your bios to mail to: [email protected]. The information can be in any format, as I can support most any application.

Class Biographies

  • ALLEBACH, Pat (Daugherty)
  • As of 1988 - At this point in my life, I spend a lot of my time doing a lot of volunteer work. I am also interested in gardening, flower arranging and cooking. Bill and I enjoy traveling very much, although we find Pennsylvania to be one of the most beautiful places that we've seen.

  • AMSLER, Donald E.
  • Don passed away June 8, 2006. View his obituary.

  • ANTHONY, Douglas L.
  • Douglas passed away August 26, 2006. View his obituary.

  • ARMBURGER, Richard
  • According to the US Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, Richard Raymond Armburger passed away April 8, 1992. Likewise, the US Department of Veterans Affairs BIRLS Death File, 1850-2010, shows Richard Armburger served in the US Army from Nov. 23, 1964 to Aug. 25, 1967 and died Apr. 8, 1992. No obituary has been located.

  • BAKER, Carol (Boyle)
  • 1988 - My family, my horse business is my all-consuming interest. We are showing and breeding Arabian horses. We have one stallion who was National champion and currently are showing another young stallion in English pleasure and halter. He was a top 5 champion in 1987 at the Nationals, and we feel he will do even better in 1988. My children, Kim (22) is living in California and going to school and working. Matt (12) is a sixth grader and will go to the Jr. High in the Fall. He takes piano and trumpet. Kate is 11 and going into 5th grade at Hasson. She is showing her mare in horse shows this season, and having a lot of fun riding. Pat is also into the horses and particularly loves driving them.

  • BOYLES, Judy (Port)
  • As of 1988 - A son Sam, age 18 and will graduate from West Forest High in June. Sonja, age 14.

  • BOYLES, Sandy (Travis)
  • Please see Sandy's bio under Travis, Jack, her husband.

  • BROCKWAY, Walter
  • Walter passed away June 2, 2013. No obituary has been located.

  • BROWN, Carolyn (Collingwood)
  • Carolyn passed away December 14, 2017. No obituary has been located.

  • BROWN, Michael
  • Mike passed away October 24, 2008. View his obituary.

  • BUCKHAM, J. Robert
  • (Added Aug. 8, 2004) - After school, I moved to Florida and graduated from Florida State University with a major in criminology. I went to work for the circuit court and after several job changes retired after 31 years. I do occasional volunteer work. I am married to a high school librarian who will retire shortly. We have no children, 2 cats, travel a bunch, live on one of the barrier islands off of the coast and basically just enjoy life. We have been very fortunate in the friends we have made over the years try to spend as much time with them as possible.

  • BUTERBAUGH, Joseph
  • Joe passed away November 1, 1972 in the crash of a small airplane. View his obituary.

  • CALDWELL, Joy (Doverspike)
  • As of 1988 - Entered nursing program 1976-1978. Moved to Florida 1985. Has someone graduating from high school this year.

  • CALDWELL, Nancy (Funka)
  • As of 1988 - Homemaker and substitute teacher. 1967-B.S. in Education from Clarion University. 1968 M.S. in Library Science from Drexel University. Became a normal Christian wife and mother in an American small town.

  • CARNAHAN, David B.
  • David passed away April 12, 2012. View his obituary.

    (Updated July 26,2006) - Living in Reynoldsburg, Ohio which is just East of Columbus, Ohio. I have been married for 33 years to my wife Sue. Staunch Buckeye fan!!! I am now retired from Morgan Stanley/Discover Financial Services. They offered me an early retirement package that I could not let slip through my fingers. While working, I managed a special investigations unit in relation to credit card fraud, identity theft and employee theft. Worked with all law enforcement agencies, i.e. local, state and federal. Traveled frequently throughout the assist in case preparation and prosecution. I have two grown children who are both married. My son and his wife live in Hilliard, Ohio and my daughter and her husband live in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I have two granddaughters - Lindsey Diane Smith and as of July 2006, a new granddaughter, Lauren Elizabeth Smith, age 2 months. We don't spoil them at all!!!!! My son jokes with us that we treat our dog Sophie (a Bischon) as our only child now!!! I enjoy painting (pastels, colored pencil and charcoal) and reading. Retirement life has been good. Would enjoy hearing from other classmates. Send me an email at [email protected].

  • CHELTON, Gayleen Marie (Crawford)
  • Gayleen passed away August 2000. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - Secretary.

  • CHERRY, Patricia (Bajorek)
  • (Added Jan. 10, 2004) - Administrator for the County of Venango for the past twenty years. Married and have two daughters, ages 33 and 26.

  • CHRISPEN, Frances (Waller)
  • (New July 18, 2004) - I moved to Erie, PA a few years after graduation and worked for Oakdale Corp (Holiday Inns) for several years. Married and moved to Northampton, OH where I lived and worked in the construction industry until divorced. Spent 2 summers in Alaska and 1 in Hawaii. Moved to Mesa, AZ in 1981 where I continued working in the industry and believe it or not am still here. I have 3 grown stepchildren, 2 currently residing in Southern CA, where I frequently visit, and the other resides in OH. I have 6 beautiful grandchildren and 2 GREAT grandchildren. I am currently employed as the Price & Presentation Supervisor for Target Corp. Love to travel, ski, hike, and spend time with friends and family. Usually try to make it back to PA at least once a year to visit family. Even though my time at OCHS was very short I would enjoy hearing from classmates.

  • COLLINS, Jean (Mclellan)
  • Jean passed away November 28, 2006. View her obituary.

  • COMISKE, Sandy (Kurtich)
  • (Updated Aug. 30, 2008) Divorced and the mother of 2 daughters. Denise, a graduate of Duboise Business college (and top student) and Diana, a graduate of Penn State. I have 1 granddaughter Brittney. I was shy in school but after 28 years working with the public in retail, you can't shut me up. I'm now on disability with peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia and a few other old age problems. I keep busy going to the Oil City Presbyterian Home to be with my mom and to cheer up the other residents. I love gardening and yard sales. Wish I could have got to know some of you better while I was in school.

  • CONN, Richard
  • 1988 - I have lived in Boulder the last 20 years. Been involved with aviation all this time.

  • COPLEY, Robert
  • Robert passed away May 15, 2006. View his obituary.

  • CORBIN, Robert
  • Robert passed away February 24, 2018. View his obituary.

  • CRAWFORD, James B., III
  • (Updated Oct. 18, 2013) I am still practicing law with emphasis in real estate transactions in Charles Town, WV. The children are doing well. Katie, the eldest, just got her first job as an RN, Addie is now in law school and JB will graduate this December from WVU. Karen is a retired RN and spends her time helping the kids, substituting as my receptionist, keeping the house up and volunteering for our church. My brother and sister still both live in Atlanta and are well and healthy. We are blessed.

    (Updated Oct. 10, 2005) - I retired as the Commander of the West Virginia Air National Guard after 37 years at the end of August. JB has joined his sister at Mercersburg Academy. Other than that, I have less and greyer hair, all else remains the same.

    (Updated Nov. 11, 2003) - Professionally I am the managing member of Crawford & Keller PLLC ( and I am still a member of the West Virginia Air National Guard. Family wise, Karen and I have three children ages 17, 15 and 13. Katie, the oldest and the leader, will be graduating from Stuart Hall in Staunton, VA. She was accepted for admission to Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN with a proposed major of athletic training. Adelaide, the "Avis" child, entered Mercersburg Academy in Mercersburg, PA and is doing well. She loves soccer and started for the woman's varsity soccer team this fall. JB is in seventh grade at Country Day School and he appears to have found himself this year. He achieved the honor roll the first grading period. He is the blue team captain (school colors are blue and gold) and the treasurer of the student senate. Karen runs the house and is a retired emergency room and military flight nurse (Lieutenant Colonel). Brother Mike and Sister Nancy live in Atlanta and are healthy and well.

  • DANZER, Bob
  • As of 1988 - Sales Rep. Has a child graduating from high school.

  • DELO, Don
  • Don passed away January 8, 1998. No obituary has been located.

  • DOWD, Daniel F.
  • As of 1988 - Tool and Die maker. Married and has four children, Ages 23, 21, 16, and 8.

  • DOWNING, Dave
  • Dave passed away March 23, 2017. No obituary has been located.

  • DUNKEL, Raymond L.
  • Raymond passed away January 2001. View his obituary.

  • DUNKLE, Mary (Samarra)
  • As of 1988 - Business owner. One of my more interesting experiences in the last 25 years was working as a police woman in Washington D.C., during the 1970's. I worked some of that time at the Whitehouse as a member of the US Secret Service Executive Protective Service and was the first woman to be assigned to that capacity. We presently own our business and I am President of my own corporation. I am now semi-retired and after 22 years of marriage, love being a full time mother to our son.

  • EDWARDS, Don
  • (New Feb. 05, 2005) - I entered the US Army in August of 1963 and trained as a medic at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Subsequently had tours in VA, NC, Viet Nam ('67-68), Alaska (6 years), MO, GA, and Texas. I graduated from Baylor University (Waco) in 1973 as a Physician's Assistant. I worked ten more years as a military PA in varied hospitals, and light and mechanized infantry units. I retired in 1983 as a warrant officer.

    I am now settled in Georgia. I have continued to work for the government, in a civil service capacity and now have over forty years of combined federal service. I now work in Dermatology at Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Ft. Gordon, Ga. (Yes, the kid who had some of the worst acne in school now is able to help youngsters with the same affliction.) We also farm on 118 acres near Augusta (Home of the Masters) and enjoy raising Angus cattle, Boer goats, mute swans and ducks. I've enjoyed singing with the Augusta Choral Society and have been fortunate to have been selected for a tenor solo with the symphony. (Thanks much, Mr. Ruzzo.) The kids came near my retirement in '83 and are all recently graduated from college. Our first granddaughter is seven months old and a real jewel.

  • ESPY, Sue Ann (Khanna)
  • Updated April 19, 2009 - I lost my husband of 40 years in November of 2003. We had lived in Lanham Maryland for 35 years but moved to Chantilly VA in 1998. After he died I moved to a townhouse in Fairfax VA. My oldest daughter and her family live 5 miles from me in Oak Hill VA. I have one granddaughter who is 7 years old. Before my husband died we did some traveling to Antigua, Spain and the Bahamas, plus a trip to San Diego and Santa Barbara CA. My son lives in Arlington VA. And my youngest daughter just moved to Edgewater Md.

    For the past 22 years I have worked at the Dept. of Energy in Washington DC. The last 12 years in the office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation. I am the Executive Assistant to the Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator. I love my job and the people I work with. I hope to retire in another year.

    I send my best regards to all the people I went to High School with. It was great growing up in Oil City.

  • ETZEL, Jim
  • Jim passed away May 25, 2017. View his obituary.

  • EVANS, Connie (Perry)
  • Updated Oct. 1, 2005 - We live in Dempseytown [PA] and have been married for 35 years. Larry works for Joy and is a machinist, I worked for 20 years as a church custodian while my kids were growing up. We have 2 boys Brian 32 and Keith 29. I enjoy bowling, quilting and traveling. We have made several trips to Hawaii and hope to do more in the coming years.

    As of 1988 - Custodian. I worked at the Oil City Hospital for 10 years in the X-ray department. Larry is a machinist at Harrington's Machine and I work as a custodian at the Oakland United Methodist Church. Brian is in 10th grade and Keith is in 6th grade. Both boys have had Sue Lindquist Highfied as a teacher. I am involved with Boy Scouts as a Unit Commissioner and have camped with 150 boys. I was awarded the District Award of Merit this year. We also enjoy camping as a family.

  • FELMLEE, Gerald
  • Jerry passed away April 8, 2018. View his obituary.

  • FORSHEE, Eloise (Messer)
  • Updated Oct. 2012 - Life is still good to me. My health is great and I am still running from getting OLD. Was married for 29 years to my Charles, until the Lord said it was time for him to leave me on 12/14/2010. I have additional grandchildren of 7 and 2. I am very fortunate that they are all living in the Denver, CO area and we have fun together.

    I still continue to bowl, lawn bowling, golf and enjoy watching sports. I have my little companion and that is my Sabrina which is a dachshund that thinks everyone should love her. This year I am going to H&R Block for tax classes. Got to do something in the winter time in Colorado since I am not a Snow Bird to Arizona anymore.

    As of 1988 - Engineering Resource Analyst. I have four children ages 33, 28, 19, and 17. Also have two grandchildren 4 months and 5 years. On two softball teams ( woman and co-ed). I enjoy bowling and volleyball.

  • FRY, Floyd L.
  • As of 1988 - Retired. One son age 20. Floyd passed away November 1, 1991. No obituary has been located.

  • FRY, Jackie (Chickerella)
  • As of 1988 - Receptionist, Optometrist Office. Two children ages 21 and 18. Gary and I traveled to Paris the Summer of '86. We had a foreign exchange student the Summer of 1985 and in return, they invited us to stay with them last Summer. It was great and we hope to get back again. We correspond with our son and his family quite often. Our daughter Stacey was married this year, November 28th and we had a beautiful time. Our son Bob is attending Millersville University in Millersville PA and would hope some day to be a podiatrist. Gary and I have also had the pleasure of going to Hawaii the same year we went to Paris.

  • GARDNER, Carl
  • Carl passed away April 14, 1986. No obituary has been located.

  • GILES, Gloria (Dougherty)
  • As of 1988 - Homemaker. Lived in the Netherlands for 1-1/2 years (1976-77). Vacationed in Japan for two weeks (1980). Traveled extensively throughout Europe, while we lived in Holland. Have made six major moves since college graduation. Will be moving State College, PA by August as Joe has excepted a position at Penn State as Director for the Centre of Dielectric Studies.

  • GOLD, Sandra (Mamott)
  • As of 1988 - For the past 21 years I have worked at GTE North Inc., in several different departments. I am married to Raymond W. Mamott who is a local carpenter. I also have one son, Brian, who is 23 years old and is serving in the United States Coast Guard out of Erie, PA. I have lived in the Oil City area all of my Life and presently are living in Fertigs on a small farm. Ray and I have three horses and we enjoy riding and walking in the woods with our dog. Some of my other hobbies are working in the garden, playing bingo and fishing out of our farm pond. Most of all I Like to spend as much time as I can outside.

  • GONZALEZ, Jacqullyn (Jarzab)
  • (Updated Oct 29, 2003) - At this time in my life I am very spiritually connected having spent hours in quest of a stronger faith I consider myself a "recovering Catholic," but spend time with the Buddha, Muslim, Jewish and Pentecostal and all other religions. My spiritual path is eclectic. The difference between organized religion and a spiritual path is this: Organized religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell & a spiritual path is for those who have already been there and do not want to go back (unknown source). I also have a yoga background and can finally free stand on my head... or at least the last time I tried, took me a few years of practice to get that. So Namaste to all. I like to think I enjoy my life which is pretty full. I am still with the Palm Beach County School District but after getting an EdD in 89 I decided to return and picked up another degree as a Therapist or (The -rapist as someone once pointed out) . Thank the Dali Lama for that. I am a counselor (on my time) to Hanley Hazelden where I mostly facilitate groups on codependency. I have a small private practice. I am still fringe lunatic with countless certificates in energy healing, EMDR, too many others to consider. After age 50 I was diagnosed as ADHD which never surprised my friends. I have written 1 mystery/murder novel but have not attempted to have it published. There are thousands of poems in my collection which probably started with Dave Myers's campaign for some office. Is that correct? I have ghost written for some rather famous, maybe infamous persons. Worked with Bodhi A in Calif. 2 summer ago on her Book LIVING in BLISS which is Tantraa Yoga (sacred energy not sex as some misguided thinkers assume). But it is okay to assume whatever the individual wants because I try (key word is try) to live in a nonjudgmental union with mankind and with self. My dear friend B.J. McKenzie lives about an hour from me and for our birthday this year we went to see Sea Biscuit. At one particular point we both said almost in unison as we cried our eyes out. I am so glad that we got to see this together. My 3 children are grown, my oldest son Tom is in Oil City, Michelle has 1 year left for school psych degree at Nova. I am requesting prayers for my middle son SSG David Simon Jarzab who is a Ranger in the U.S. ARMY. David left Sunday OCT 26 from Alaska on a long range recon scouting assignment. His duty there will be for 6 months with possible extension. I was signed up to attend the last reunion and do not know how I thought the dates were for the following week. The fact that those of us in Oil City find time to do all this work is amazing to me I am in awe of my classmates and humbled by the achievements, verve and communion of our classmates. Most exciting adventures have been sky diving and a 100 mile hike in the Rockies where I almost drown in a private white water trip down the Kicking Horse Class 4-5 rapids. Seems that my wet suit was too large and when I hit the water to swim through a level 3 rapid I sank into the 38 degree water, lucky for me my hiking mate noticed. I have always wanted to do the OUTBACK but never made it. Any adventure seekers left ? Maybe we could do a reunion in Australia 45 or 50 cause we aren't getting older we are getting better.

  • GREENE, John
  • As of 1988 - Fabricator. Married and have three children ages 22, 20, and 18. Have a daughter graduating from high school this year and we are expecting our first grandchild any day now.

  • GREENE, Robert A.
  • Robert passed away October 13, 2007. View his obituary.

  • GRUBBS, Judi (Van Guilder)
  • As of 1988 - Homemaker. We have done a great deal of traveling in the US. We lived in California 11 months but decided the pace way a little too fast for us. My husband is interested in restoring cars and is working on a 1971 Mustang. For the last three years, I've been taking weaving classes and now have three looms of mg own. I plan on opening a small weaving shop in our second home in Seneca, PA

  • GRZASKO, Frank
  • Frank passed away November 23, 2019. View his obituary.

  • GRZASKO, Mary Ann (Wheeling)
  • Mary Ann passed away March 8, 2022. View her obituary.

  • GUSTAFSON, Rev. Jon D.
  • As of 1988 - United Methodist Minister. I have worked in both newspaper and television advertising as well as a loan officer prior to entering the seminary in 1976. I have worked in a metropolitan crisis center during seminary years. I am now serving in my 4th pastoral assignment. I have received a BS in education from Clarion, a Master of Divinity from United Theological Seminary and recently received my Doctor of Ministry from the same University in Dayton, Ohio. We have three children ages 14, 11 and 9. No thanks to the question asked do I have anyone graduating this year. Jon passed away October 14, 1996. No obituary has been located.

  • HADLEY, J. Robert
  • Bob passed away April 25, 2014. View his obituary.

  • HEALY, Dick
  • Dick passed away February 9, 2020. View his obituary.

  • Jack passed away December 24, 2011. View his obituary.

  • HENDERSON, Nancy (Davis)
  • Nancy passed away January 31, 2006. View her obituary.

  • HERRON, Marjorie (Spain)
  • Marjorie passed away August 2001. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - Packard Electric. I have two children ages 21 and 16. (See Putnam, Jim).

  • HICKS, Tom
  • Tom passed away on Sept. 17, 2004. View his obituary.

    As of 1988 - Plant manager at Pennzoil. After serving with the Air Force and graduating from college, Tom has been with Pennzoil since 1974. Gail, after further schooling, worked until her marriage and has been a homemaker since the children were born and active in the children's activities. Our proudest accomplished in our 25 years since graduating has been our marriage of 22 years and our family. We are also the proud grandparents of two.

  • HIPWELL, Robert T.
  • Robert passed away January 3, 2003. No obituary has been located.

  • HOCKENBERRY, Richard
  • Richard passed away March 29, 1997. No obituary has been located.

  • HOCKMAN, Judith M. (Griffen)
  • Judy passed away Apr. 4, 2002. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - Licensed practical nurse. Married and have five children ages 23, 17, 15, 7, and 5. I have a daughter Tammi graduating from Rocky Grove High School. We will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary on Jan. 26. Bob and I built van own 10 room log house, fulfilling a long time dream.

  • HOLT, Joy (Faas)
  • As of 1988 - Teacher. I have a son, age l8, graduating on June 3, 1988 from Oil City High School exactly 25 years after we did. I graduated from Thiel College in 1967. Of my 20 years of teaching, the last 18 have been in Tionesta. There I have taught all grades l through 6. I have taken graduate courses and have my master equivalent. Currently I teach first grade. In 1977 I bought the house where I live now. I am very active in my church with youth group, women's group, teaching, Sunday School and singing in the choir. One of the more exciting things I did recently was to go on a Caribbean Cruise on the SS Norwalk complements of a college friend in October 1986.

    Joy passed away December 9, 2020. View her obituary.

  • HORN, Connie (Roberts)
  • Connie passed away December 14, 1985. No obituary has been located.

  • HORNE, Robin
  • As of 1988 - Staff engineer. Married with two children ages 17 and 13. 1971 graduated from General Motors Institute BSEE. 1979, moved to Kokomo, IN to work at Delco Electronics. 1987-88 President of Howard Community Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. 1986, President of Good Shepard Lutheran Church.

  • IRWIN, Bill
  • Bill passed away January 3, 1984. No obituary has been located.

  • IRWIN, Philip L.
  • Philip passed away October 19, 2012. View his obituary.

    As of 1988 - Maintenance. Married and have two children area 18 and 17. After graduating, I went into the Navy for four years and was discharged in 1967. I got married in 1969. We have a girl (Beth) who is going to Meadville High School and will graduate in 1989. One boy, (Phillip) who is in Thorton High School, Colorado and will graduate in 1990. We have now lived in Denver, CO since 1980.

  • JAMES, Linda (Brown)
  • As of December 2, 2011 - I am still working at Joy Mining and in February I will have 45 years of my life in the company. I have truly enjoyed every position that I have had there and will retire as an MRP Controller sometime in the New Year.

    After graduating from Humboldt Institute, I went to work for Eastern airlines in New York City until I started working for Joy in Feb. 1967. Not long after I married Dick Oxenham and we divorced a couple years later. I married Charlie Brown in 1977. I have 2 step-children and 4 step-grandchildren. I have two Shelties which are now 9 years 4 months old. Anyone who has pets know that they are my family. They keep me company especially while my husband is traveling. They are somewhat fickled when he is home. Sometimes they are his dogs and sometimes mine. I believe that stems from him working from home. During the weeks, he is here a lot more that I am.

    In my spare time, I attend a a Bible Study and plan to join another during the Lenten season, I go to Weight Watchers (am a Lifetime member), I do palates, walk a lot, love to read and do cross stitch, also knit dish clothes. I value my time with my husband when he is not traveling and my friends are the highlight of my life along with him and my grandchildren. I do not get to see the grandchildren much since they all live out of state but when I do, I am thrilled to be with them.

    I have loved life and have, to date, been very fortunate that I am healthy. I keep moving as much as possible and pray that I continue to be healthy along with my loved ones.

  • KNIGHT, Elva (Fink)
  • Elva passed away February 17, 2020. View her obituary.

  • KRIBBS, Bill
  • As of 1988 - Sales Manager. Married with two children age, 10 and 7. Attended 2yr technical school; worked as a draftsman for Conair, Inc. Franklin, PA. Enlisted in the Navy four 4 years with tours of duty on Guam and on the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea. Served as a nuclear weapons technician. Graduated from Tri State University in Indiana with a BS in Business Administration. Hired by General Motors Detroit Diesel Allison Division. Went to work in Detroit. Married in 1976. Transferred to Atlanta in 1981. Now being transferred to the New England states and planning to make our home in New Hampshire. We are looking onward to the birth of our third child in April.

  • KRUG, Col. Sam
  • Updated Jan. 13, 2014 - Colonel, U. S. Army. Married and have no children. I basically was a soldier all of my working life. I spent 28 years in the United States Army. It was a great experience getting to serve with and command great soldiers. I had many operational commands and staff assignments all over the world. From combat assignments in Vietnam to advisor duty in Kuwait it was quite a ride. I retired from active duty as a Full Colonel and went to work for Lockheed Martin Aerospace shortly after that. I am now retired just playing golf and boating on Lake Greenwood in South Carolina. Classmates: Come see Paulette and me any time.

  • KRUG, Richard T.
  • Richard passed away April 12, 2008. View his combined obituary.

  • Pat passed away July 4, 1990. No obituary has been located.

  • LEADBETTER, Sue (Chapin)
  • As of 1988 - Trust income clerk II. I have three children ages 23, 20 and 8. My special interest in the last 25 years is being a foster parent fon 17 years.

  • LESH, Jeannetta
  • As of July 2022 - Jeannetta plans to provide a more concise bio.

  • LINDQUIST, Sue (Highfield)
  • Sue passed away December 1996. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - I graduated from Slippery Rock University and was married in 1967. Bill and I have 4 children. Our daughter and son are attending Slippery Rock University and the twin sons are juniors in high school. I am teaching elementary math and science and have one of our classmates children in my class. Our son Mike, graduated from OCHS on June 3, 1988, exactly 25 years after we graduated.

  • LUDWIG, Joseph
  • Joe passed away December 16, 2010. View this provided by his wife.

  • LYNN, Dave
  • Dave passed away May 14, 2020. View his obituary.

  • MATHEWS, Ron
  • Ron passed away March 6, 2022. View his obituary.

  • McCUMBER, Jim
  • As of 2009 - After finishing our sophomore year at OCHS, my twin sister, Peggy and I moved with our family to Bowling Green, Ohio. Following graduation, Peggy and I attended Bowling Green State University. In 1967, I married Judy Heermeier from Bowling Green. Following graduation that year from BGSU, I took a teaching and coaching position in Morrison, Illinois. We returned two years later to Ohio and I finished a Masters degree program. After two years of teaching and coaching in a small school district in Northwest Ohio, I took a position in Rossford,a school district on the eastside of Toledo, Ohio. We stayed there for the next twenty eight years. I taught English and Social Studies classes and served as Head wrestling coach. My wife served as an elementary secretary with the Rossford schools.I was fortunate enough to have great kids to work with, and strong support from both parents and administration throughout my career.Another highlight of my coaching career, was the opportunity to coach both of my sons, Matt and John David. Thanks to their athletic achievements and strong academic records, they both were able to further their educations at quality schools. Matt was a varsity wrestler for Brown University (1985-1989) and John David was a varsity wrestler for Lehigh University (1990-1995). Both dad and sons have been inducted into the Rossford High School Athletic Hall of Fame.I continued my career in education by serving as a teacher and academic coach with the Zuni and Gallup-McKinley school districts in Northwest New Mexico for the last six years.

    I have now "unofficially" retired and we live on in a small home on the south chain of the Coldwater lakes, Coldwater, Michigan. We live about about 12 miles from Angola, Indiana, home of Tri-State University, the college attended by John Vender (small world). We have recently purchased a home in the retirement community of Sun City Grand, Surprise, Arizona.I hope to get reacquainted with OCHS "63"graduates living in Arizona this winter.

  • McELHATTEN, Terry
  • As of 1988 - Teacher. Married and have a son and a daughter ages 20 and 14. Got remarried Nov. 30, 1986. Spent a pre-honeymoon at Hotel Hershey (Hershey Park) then went to Disneyworld the following summer. Have been coaching basketball for the past 18 yrs (the last 8 yrs. as the head coach) at Exeter. Also have been the golf coach for the past 13 yrs. My son graduated from high school in 1986 and is currently serving in the US Air Force, stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB in N. Carolina. My daughter is currently in the 8th grade and living with my ex-wife.

  • McLAUGHLIN, Carol
  • Carol passed away August 5, 1991. No obituary has been located.

  • MILLER, Robert "Moose"
  • Moose passed away December 17, 2000. View his obituary.

  • MITCHAM, Blanche (Gaillard)
  • (Updated Jan. 6, 2004) - Homemaker. I am still living in Warren, still active in the Hospital Auxiliary and the Cancer Society. My husband and I are still traveling whenever possible and we still have the cottage at Rockmere where we spend as much time as we can in the summer. My daughter, Nicole was married in 2000 and is presently living in the Philadelphia area. My son, Greg graduated from Mercyhurst College with a degree in Biology and has just graduated from the San Diego Golf Academy of the Carolinas in Myrtle Beach. There are no grandchildren, only two granddogs.

  • MITCHELL, Gene C.
  • Gene passed away Sept. 10, 2014. View his obituary.

    As of 1988 - Millwright. Married and have one child, 4 years old. Built my own house.

  • MITCHELL, Gordon
  • As of 1988 - Banking. I have two children ages 22 and 24, along with two grandchildren. Getting married June 25, 1988 to Anne Harper.

  • MIX, Steve
  • (Updated Jun. 04, 2008) - I still live in Dallas Texas. I have been divorced since 1982, decided working was better than anything else, at least for me. Finally left American Airlines in 1999 after 12 years as a technical consultant. Traveled full time installing large computer networks in travel companies. Currently have two Web businesses - where I do adoptions for children on the International Market. The second site is where I provide medical

  • MORRIS, Margaret (Bessler)
  • Margaret passed away December 22, 1994. No obituary has been located.

  • MOYER, Bernice
  • Bernice passed away May 4, 1993. No obituary has been located.

  • MURRAY, Gerald
  • As of 1988 - Real Estate. Married. Have two children ages 20 and 14. I married a California girl 12-23-66. US Navy 12-9-63 to 12-9-67. Honorable discharge as Aviation Electrician 2nd class petty officer. Air, sea and shore duty in Vietnam. Later attended Santa Anna & Cerretos Colleges. Twenty years with teamster union as maintenance technician. Licensed real-estate sales and appraisal certification. Interest of the years have been: Skydiving, scuba diving, motorcycling, flying, swimming, surfing, and snow skiing.

  • MYERS, Carol (Billiel)
  • As of April 6, 2009 -I have been married for 28 years and live in Virginia. My husband, Randy, and I traveled through out the United States while he played music. We now own and operate an appliance repair business in Lexington, Virginia. Between the two of us we have 4 sons living and 1 son deceased, 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. One son works with us in our business, one lives in California that was a Navy Seal, one son is in Louisiana managing an Aaron's, one son in Pittsburgh that is an Anesthesia Technician at UPMC and Montefiore Hospital. My husband is still playing music in his free time and is very talented. He can play almost every instrument and a voice that will melt your heart. (And I'm not prejudiced either!) Between our family, business and music we are constantly busy. We do some traveling whenever we find any spare time. Randy performs at the Ohio Valley Opry a few times a year. It is a smaller version of the Nashville Opry. Plus playing gigs locally and in West Virginia. We love living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, but it is always nice to come home to Oil City for a visit. It will always be home in my heart.

  • MYERS, David
  • As of 1988 - High School teacher. Married a classmate and have two children ages. 21 and 17. Both of our children graduated this year, one from high school and the other from college. Realized our two childhood fantasies of being surrounded by woods and owning our own dairy cow.

  • NELLES, Peg (Neal)
  • Updated Nov. 19, 2003) - Still living on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Remarried in 1989. Phil is retired Air Force who now works as defense contractor so I travel with him if I like the state or country he is going to. I have had a lot of fun the past ten years all over the world. When at home I enjoy working in my yard, golfing and fishing in the gulf. My son John is now 37 and lives the single life in North Carolina. Daughter Terrie, 32,lives here on the coast, teaches kindergarten, married to a Gulfport PD detective and has 3 little girls, 7, 5, and 2 - my pride and joy - really miss them when we are gone. At the present time we would like to go back to England for at least a year if the right contract comes along and if not we may just stay home for the winterand just spoil the grandkids rotten.

  • NELSON, Jerry
  • As of 1988 - My life in a nutshell: Married and have two sons 14 and 10 years old. After 4 years in the Air Force, I graduated from Trumbull Hospital School of Nursing in 1972. After 2 years as a Critical Cane Nurse, I went to Trumbell for Nurse Anesthesia. I am a certified registered nurse anesthetist practicing with a group of 18 anesthetist and 6 anesthesiologists at Trumbull, in Warren, Ohio. I was on the Board of Directors for Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists and past President of District 7 for OSANA. My main hobby is finding free time to develop a hobby!

  • NILSSON, Margaret (Light)
  • Peggy passed away March 13, 2010. View this provided by class members.

  • O'NEIL, Ken
  • As of 1988 - Teacher. Married and have three children age 7, 5, and 4.

  • OAKES, Jim
  • (Added Oct 1, 2005) - Jim passed away March 26, 1977. Jim died in a National Fuel Gas Company accident in 1977. View his obituary.

  • OLSOFKA, Louise Marie
  • Louise passed away June 11, 2007. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - Coordinator of education and training for youth ministry. (Diocese of Pittsburgh) Celebrating as a Felician nun this May. 7-week educational tour of India, 4 years of teaching in an international school in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

  • PASSAUER, Bill
  • (Updated Jan. 13, 2014) - I am now retired after 42-1/2 years of work (Retired June 30, 2006). I had triple by-pass heart surgery in 2001, and that has caused me to cherish life a little more than work. Being able to spend more time with my loved ones is very important to me. We currently have no plans to move as our daughter and her family live here in the Washington D.C. area. Just what will I do while retired. In addition to my "Honey Do List" that seems to grow each day, I have many hobbies consisting of astronomy, photography, making furniture and large toys from wood, computers, creating websites, playing guitar (both acoustic and electric), golf, genealogy, my grandchildren, any new electronic gadget that comes on the market, and of course, my Harley. By the way, I am now a true biker. I had my first accident in May 2006. I rounded a switch-back (180 degree turn) a little fast and hit the guardrail. My right foot was pinned between the bike and the guardrail which broke the fibula bone at the base of the foot. Five weeks in a cast (Harley orange and black of course) and four weeks of therapy. As of May 2007 the ankle was as good as new and I was back on the bike.

    After high school graduation, I entered the US Navy to serve my obligated time to Uncle Sam. While in the service, I became experienced in electronics, radars, missiles, and computers. In 1967, I married Suzanne Grandelis of Oil City (she went to Cranberry High School), whom I dated throughout high school. We have one daughter, Kristin. When the hobby computer market exploded in 1978, my family and I had just returned from living in Italy for four plus years. We moved to the Chicago area where I supervised a school in advanced electronics. While there, I learned how to fly Cessna 150s and 172s and started my own computer software company. My most successful program was a database application for the Apple II computer called, "The Data Factory". Lucky for me, it found its way to number one on the software market, including use at Cape Kennedy and as far away as New Zealand. After my first retirement in 1985, I joined Titan Systems, Corp. of Washington, D.C. I continued to work for Titan Corp. for 21 years, exactly, until my retirement on June 30, 2006. I wore many hats there. I was their Configuration and Quality Manager, authored technical and training documentation, conducted training for NATO personnel, was a Deputy Program Manager, computer programmer, and problem solver to name a few. Since my work consisted of mainly NATO contracts, I traveled about 3-4 times per year to Europe and Asia. This provided me with the opportunity to conduct research on my family genealogy. Doing so, I was able to trace my family back to Hilst Germany. I have actually been able to visit the places my family came from, interview people, and collect old family pictures and documents. Of course, I then created web pages for each of our family trees. Suzanne and I have lived in Fairfax County, VA since 1985. We are located exactly one-half hour from the Washington Monument of Washington, D.C. We love going into the city to the various shows and museums. Our daughter Kristin married Brian Hall. They have three children, Alexa (22), Mia (19) and a little surprise, Mason (15) as of 2014. Since they live only ten miles away, we get to see them often.

  • PETT, Marcia (Stewart)
  • Marcia passed away December 23, 2014. View her obituary.

    As of 1988 - Clerk typist. Married and have two boys, ages 17 and 13. Our oldest graduated from OCHS exactly 25 years after we did.

  • Ed passed away December 17, 1991.

  • PLOWMAN, Rowland
  • Rollie passed away August 20, 2020. View his obituary.

  • POORMAN, Betty (Lynn)
  • As of 1988 - Mellon Bank Customer Service Rep. Married and have one child age 16.

  • PORATH, Rosie (Henry)
  • Passed away May 29, 2002.

  • PROPER, Gary
  • Gary passed away September 13, 2003. View his obituary.

  • RANKIN, Gerald
  • (Updated August 17, 2008) - I am a computer scientist with ABB, Inc (a Swiss/Swedish power system engineering company). We design, develop, market and maintain a computerized outage restoration system for the Electric Utility industry. I have worked for ABB for 41 years. My wife Melanie and I have been married for 38 years. Melanie owns a company called COMPUTERTIME, LLC. She teaches computers to approximately 100, 3-5 year olds in four different day care centers. We have lived in Cary, NC for the last 16 years. I was transferred there from Pittsburgh after ABB bought out my division from Westinghouse. We have two sons David (34) and Todd (20). David is divorced and lives in Indianapolis, IN. He is a CFP with Merrill Lynch. David has two children: Lucas Alexander ( 5 ) and Sydney ( 3 ). David will be married again in October in Austin, TX. Todd and his wife Tracy live in Raleigh, NC. Todd is a CPA with the American Institute of CPAs and Tracy is a computer engineering manager with IBM. Melanie and I both are active in our church and enjoy traveling and visiting with our children and grandchildren when time permits.

  • REED, Wayne
  • Wayne passed away November 3, 2020. View his obituary.

  • REMBOLD, Donald
  • Don passed away May 9, 1990 from a brain tumor. No obituary has been located.

  • ROGERS, Nancy Ann
  • Nancy passed away July 28, 2012. View her obituary.

  • ROSE, Cathy (Taylor)
  • As of 1988 - Sales rep. J & J Personal Products Co. Married and have three children, ages 18, 17 and 12. Yes, I have a child graduating this year from high school.

  • ROSEBERRY, Rosemary (Britt)
  • Rosemary passed away March24, 2022. View her obituary.

  • ROSENBERG, Patt (Steele)
  • Patt passed away October 28, 2017. View her obituary.

  • ROSIN, Shirley (Saito)
  • As of 1988 - Freelance writer/fiber artist. Married and have one child age 6. My tapestries have been shown nationally in art museums and galleries including Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC, and Art Gallery of Ontario and they have been commissioned by numerous hotels, banks, and other institutions.

  • SAYERS, Peg (Nelson)
  • (Added Mar. 16, 2004) - Bill and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary this year. We feel fortunate to have spent the last 25 of those years in New England, primarily Sturbridge, MA, and, in the summers, Fitzwilliam, NH, where we have a small cottage on a lake. We have three sons. Our oldest, Rob (31), graduated from Providence College and worked in business until this past January, when he entered law school. He and his wife Jill live near Chicago and are expecting our first grandchild next month. Tom (28) and his wife Jill graduated from the University of NH, and Tom works for an investment firm. They spend much of their time redecorating and restoring their 200+-year-old home in Dover, NH. David (22) graduates from Merrimack College, here in MA, this spring and is busy looking for his first full-time employment (he'd much rather be on the golf course or at a Red Sox game). We continue to work, Bill in medical sales and Peg in advertising. But we do find lots of time for our favorite activities--our family, travel, golf, boating and gardening.

  • Paul passed away June 19, 2003. View his obituary.

  • SCHWAB, Jerry
  • (Added April 11, 2010) - I live in Lexington Kentucky after living in Las Vegas and retired from United Airlines. I live in and old tobacco warehouse turned into condo's. No you can't smell tobacco. I've never gone to a reunion, or have gone back to Oil City. I buried my mother there in 1983 and never went back. I lived in Reston Virginia for 12 years and worked at Dulles Airport most of the time.

  • SEIFERT, Karl
  • Updated May 27, 2008 - Rita and I relocated to suburban Denver from our beloved Woodland House in the foothills of the Berkshires in Connecticut 11 years ago because I began a telecommunication expense management consulting business with two fellow officers at The Travelers. Good friends often don't make great partners so we sold the business and I now work for the Fed. I could tell you what I do but then............ I also do a fair amount of adjunct faculty teaching on the undergraduate and graduate level at Colorado Technical University and Learning Tree International. My work involves frequent trips to Washington, D. C. and numerous other places. Rita always says I have suitcase wheels on the bottoms of my shoes! She is a free-lance interior designer who also designs soft custom window treatments. As a master gardener she has transformed our home into a gardener's delight. She spent several years as President, Vice President and chief fundraiser for the Douglas chapter of the American Association of University Women but now confines her time to funding European trips!

    We have two children, William who is 25, married, lives nearby and graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in mechanical engineering. If I do say so, he is a genius and currently holds numerous patents. Our 22 year-old daughter, Elizabeth, graduated in 2007 from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Physiology. She currently works as an EMT but has her eyes on a medical degree and will begin applications this Fall. No fatherly bragging here but she is a delightful combination of brilliant and drop dead gorgeous!

    I still love trains and enjoy chasing them wherever and whenever possible. I'm a little slower than I used to be so instead I "track" down fine wines. We had been planning to head off to Australia and their wine country this Fall. When the first reunion notice came we both jumped to the conclusion that it was for last September and we were already going to be in Napa and Sonoma adding to our wine cellar. Good thing Bill Passauer set us straight so we could put the trip "down under" on hold. We're looking forward to renewing some very old acquaintances (you all know which of you consider yourselvesold!) Later.

  • SHOWERS, Don
  • Don passed away July 2, 2017. View his obituary.

  • SHREFFLER, Joyce (Farrell)
  • Joyce passed away November 2, 2017. View her obituary.

  • SMITH, Chloe Ann (Drelick)
  • Chloe Ann passed away April 10, 2022. View her obituary.

  • SNYDER, Connie (Barnes)
  • As of 1988 - Nurse supervisor. Married and have five children ages 21, l9, 15, 12, and 9. Since our reunion five years ago, Pete and I were married in Hawaii. We have also traveled through the New England states, Florida and cruised the Caribbean. We were home long enough to graduate both children from high and marry my daughter off to her college sweetheart. We saw Pete's eldest daughter graduate from junior high and go "cheering " off to high school, while daughter #2 is a basketball jock. Little Pete at age nine is still growing, while we wait the outcome.

  • SNYDER, James
  • James passed away March 10, 1984. No obituary has been located.

  • SNYDER, Peg (Bianchi)
  • As of 1988 - Nurse. Remarried and has two children ages 18 and 15.

  • SPARKS, Cecilia (Wise)
  • Cecellia passed away September 19, 2023. View her obituary.

  • SPENCE, Clifford
  • Clifford passed away December 1, 2021. View his obituary.

  • STEWART, Peg (Barickman)
  • (Updated Oct. 27, 2003) - Ready to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary to Jim #2. As you all know, Jim #1 (Jim Oakes) passed away March 26, 1977. Jim died in a National Fuel Gas Company accident in 1977. My children were two and three at the time. Jim was the second member of our class to pass away. We were married in Dec. of 1966. My son Frank (31) is an engineer in Columbus Ohio. He works for the Department of Transportation and works on cars of the future. He is married and has two I have two granddogs. My daughter, Amy, (30) spent four years playing Division One basketball in the MACC division. She now lives in Washington, DC and has two children. Her husband is an attorney there. However, they have decided the big city is not where they want to raise their children so they are moving to Erie over the Thanksgiving holiday. Matt has accepted employment in Erie with a local law firm. I continue to teach. I teach juniors and seniors Theology at the local Catholic High School, Villa Maria Academy. There is never a boring day for me as each day is different. Jim is still at Lord Corporation and is an engineer there. Both of us threaten to retire soon....but for some odd reason we just continue on. I guess we are comfortable in our careers. My hobbies are still playing around with my home and using my art talents. These include, painting, crocheting and knitting, and drawing. My major in college was Elementary Education and my minor was Art......I love all aspects of it. I'm not playing tennis any longer. My knees gave out about 15 years ago.....several doctors prescribed surgery but I have yet to have any....I just limp! Some days it is difficult to walk up the three floors to my classroom, but I always son took up tennis and was nationally ranked for several years. Jim sings for a local Barbershop Quartet / and Chorus and is always busy. We plan to spend a lot of time with our two grandchildren once they move to Erie.

  • STRAIN, Albert
  • Albert passed away March 23, 2023. View his obituary.

  • SWIRES, James
  • Jim passed away May 8, 2016. View his obituary.

  • SYLVESTER, Donna (Krahling)
  • (Updated Oct. 23, 2003) - Still married to Kurt - going on 37 years. All three children married and doing their thing. We had our first grandchild - Ryan - born 9-22-03. What a joy! Kurt is retired - pray for me - I am still working at Allegheny East MH/Mr Center in Penn Hills where I am front desk staff. AE is an outpatient mental health facility. Our primary focus is building a new house on our property in Slippery Rock - should be moved by end of summer 2004. I will continue to work............

    As of 1988 - Homemaker/US Census Bureau Interviewer. Married and have three children ages. 19, 16 and 13. Christmas of '87-took one last family vacation to Disney World. Parents had a grand time-kids missed Holiday at home. We've been extremely active in soccer with all three kids. PTA on all levels, church choirs (now an alto). I have successfully been married to the same man for 21 years. Is that a special interest? Mike is a freshman at Mansfield University (near Corning, NY.) majoring in music therapy. Just basics: Stayed married, raised kids, healthy, and acquired a head of grey hair.

  • THOMAS, Carol (Krawiec)
  • (Updated Oct. 25, 2003) - We have three children ages 38,34, and 32. Two boys and a girl. Our sons live in Tampa Florida and our daughter and four grandkids live here in Oil City. Our daughter is a stay at home mom and is also home schooling one of her children at the time and maybe will eventually home school all of the kiddos. Our youngest son is a medical lab technician in a hospital in Florida and our oldest son is temporarily unemployed. I have been retired for the last ten years. My husband and I made the decision that I would quite working and help my dad take care of my mother as she only had a short time to live, as she was diagnosed with colon cancer which then developed into liver cancer. Took care of her till she past away in January of '94, then took care of my dad till he passed away three years later. In between times I have watched several kids from birth up to 5 years and have really enjoyed doing that as I can be my own boss. We have 4 grandchildren Steven 10, Gavin 8, Alyssa 5 and Kaela Mae 18 months. They are the light of our life.

    As of 1988 - Teller in a bank for 8-1/2 years. Married to the same person for 23 years and have three children ages 22 (Mark) who just took a job with the fraternity that he belonged to in college, which he is a graduate of Penn State with a finance degree. He will be doing a great deal of traveling for the next year. Ours daughter is a graduate of Oil City and currently living and working in San Carlos, CA and our youngest son will graduate in 1989 from Oil City. We have been involved with various clubs throughout the school years of our children. We presently are involved with the church a great deal. I'm presently treasure of the Rosary Society and am a member of the contemporary music group of which will be directed by a classmate Richard Hockenberry. Also, I have lived on the name street for 42 years, only two different houses in those years. We have done some traveling to Florida and Texas.

  • TINGUE, Dixie (Andres)
  • Dixie passed away July 28, 2008. View her obituary.

  • TRAVIS, Jack
  • As of 1988 - See also Sandy Boyles (Travis) - Sandy and I have two daughters in their mid-thirties, two sons in their mid-twenties, and five grandsons. They are all terrific, but we're still hoping for a little granddaughter to spoil rotten. I left the supermarket business in 1980 and joined the sales department of the Stroehmann Baking Co. at the Erie, PA agency. I just retired from there at the end of October, 2004. I enjoyed the work, but the only part I really miss is some of the people. Sandy is still in nursing. She began her career at the Oil City Hospital, then worked at several nursing homes around Venango and Crawford Counties. She really enjoys helping geriatric patients. She is currently employed at the Crawford Co. V.N.A. as a supervisor where she has been since 1988. Many of our former classmates are frequently in our thoughts, and those of us who are undergoing difficult times are in our prayers.

  • TURNER, Nancy (Swanson)
  • As of 1988 - RN (Wanner General Hospital). Married and have two children ages 20 and 18.

  • VANDALL, Lee
  • Lee passed away October 29, 2009. View his obituary.

  • VENDER, Col. John (Ret.)
  • John passed away June 18, 2016. View his obituary.

    1964 - 1985 - The following is an Official Air Force Biography (1971-1985).

    Major John Vender was born in Oil City, PA. He received a BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ti-State University in Angola, IN. John earned his commission through OTS in 1971 and graduated from pilot training at Laredo AFB, TX, in 1972. He has flown aircraft in all three major commands, including OV-10s in Vietnam, T-39s at Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, and KC-135s at Blythville AFB Arkansas, and Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan. John received a MS Degree in Systems Engineering the University of Florida in 1978. Prior to entering ACSC, he was the assistant operations officer at Wurtsmith AFB, MI. His hobbies include jogging, racket ball, and restoring old cars. John's wife, Christine, is from Ohio; they have two children, Stephen (14) and Carrie (10). John passed away from cancer on June 19, 2016.

  • WAITZ, Larry
  • Photographer. Married and have three children ages 16, 13, and 11. I have become a pilot and have my own plane and enjoy flying. Hope to become a commercial pilot some clay. I also, own my own photographer shop.

  • WHITEHOUSE, Carol (Mohnkern)
  • As of 1988 - Homemaker. Married and have two children ages 17 and 15. I was employed at Quaker State for 7 years in the advertising department. John owns the Siverly Barber Shop and was part owner in a local restaurant for several years. I have been involved in girl scouts and boy scouts activities, teach a Sunday school class, audit our church conference accounts and have 23 piano students who are learning the basics. Our spare time is enjoyed at a cottage along the Allegheny River.

  • WHITLING, Howard
  • Howard passed away October 4, 2023. View his obituary.

  • WIGREN, William E.
  • William passed away December 4, 2008. View his obituary.

    As of 1988 - Draftsperson. Married and we have two children ages 18 and 13. Our oldest is among the graduating class of 1988, exactly 25 years after we graduated.

  • WILLIAMS, Greg
  • Greg passed away May 12, 2012. View his obituary.

    He was a graduate of Oil City High School and the University of Kentucky, and he received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Louisville School of Law. He returned to Oil City to private practice law with McFate, McFate, McFate, Williams, and McFate and previously was Venango County solicitor. In 1989, Greg accepted a corporate law position with the DeBartolo Corp. in Boardman, Ohio. He relocated to Houston in 1999. From May 2001 until his death, Greg was employed as a title supervisor with Coates Field Service, Inc. Greg maintained his Pennsylvania law license and was a member of Masonic Lodge #363, F&AM., the Scottish Rite in Oil City and Coudersport, and the UK Alumni Association. He was a past member of the Venango County Bar Association, the One Hundred Club, the Franklin Club and the Adelphoi Club.

  • WILSON, Dave
  • (Updated Sept. 9, 2004) - I'm a retired Police captain, still married to my wonderful wife, Ruthy. My children, Dave, Becky, and Kristi all have their own children. That's what I do now! Spoil my grand children. My Mother still lives on Wabash Ave. (SIVERLY) and I manage to visit her at least once a year. My son and I coach the local High school football team. (Escanaba Eskymo's) That's the best job in the world, and having Davy as my boss is neat.

  • WOODS, Pat
  • As of 1988 - Quality productivity and organizational development manager. A proud aunt of 7. After Penn State I taught 12th grade English in St. Marys, PA for 1 year. Then moved to Manhattan and joined Xerox. I lived and worked in New York for 12 years, spent 2 years in Rochester and moved to Connecticut 6 years ago. I've enjoyed traveling to Europe, Hawaii and to the Caribbean and many wonderful trips to Oil City.

  • WROMBLE, Tom
  • Tom passed away May 10, 1993. No obituary has been located.

  • YEAGER, Robert
  • As of 1988 - Sales Rep. Married and have two children urea l4 and 10.

  • ZACCARIA, Carl
  • As of 1988 - Carpenter. Married and have one child, age 14.