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From the May 1963 Oil City Derrick.

Thanks to John Vender for the article.



Class of ’63 Track & Field Records

When the OCHS moved to its new location, many of the records in the Athletic Department were either lost or destroyed.  Some members of the current OCHS administration want to correct this unfortunate situation.  It is hopeful that the information found below will become a source document or reference for this effort. The information focuses on our 1963 Classmates. Special thanks to Michael T. Vender (Class of '64) for his tireless efforts at the OC library researching and recreating the facts placed here. Thanks to John Vender for forwarding this information to me. John asks that if anyone finds any errors or omissions that he please be contacted. 

Tom Kerr -              Shot-put - 49ft. 9 ˝ in.                                                                                                    Old Record set in 1954

Dick Redfield -       Pole Vault - 11ft. 7 1/8 in.                                                                                               Old Record set in 1960

Ed Szympruch -     Javelin - 169 ft. 6 in.                                                                                                        Old Record set in 1956

John Vender -        220 Yard Dash - 22.6 sec.                                                                                             Old Record set in 1961

John Vender -        440 Yard Dash (2 turns) - 51.9 sec.                                                                              Old Record set in 1950

Mile Relay - (Team :Vender (anchor), Shaughnessy, Harvey, Hower) - 3min. 29.5 sec.                         Old Record set in 1956

Many of the above records were a decade old. In most cases they weren’t just broken, they were shattered!

Two classmates deserve special recognition. Although Rick Montana and David Wilson did not break any records, they consistently won or placed in their events. Remember, breaking records doesn’t win track meets; it’s points, and Rick and David consistently won points for the team.

Team Co-Captains        

Richard Montana

John Vender

Head Track Coach:

Mr. James Enos (Still alive in 2008)



                                    January 6, 1963 Top Oilers.                                                              February 23, 1963 Basketball and wrestlers.



                                    February 23, 1963 Basketball.                                                                April 23, 1963 All Sports Banquet.



                                            May 9, 1963 Tennis.                                                                            May 17, 1963 Track and Field.