A Poem by: Corrine (Carter) Filipowski

Used with permission

Corrine graduated from Oil City High School in 1985. 

Professionally printed copies of this poem may be purchased

at the Transit Building Art Gallery.


                                    Our memories of days spent here will live

                                    In our hearts forever.  Who could forget the

                                    Laughter and the gossip echoing through the halls?


                                    Careers and families may have led us all

                                    In different directions over the years, but during the

                                    Times when we are together again, the

                                    Years just seem to melt away.


                                    How easy it is to talk with friends about

                                    It all: the dates we had, the cars we drove, the football

                                    Games we won and lost, and the pranks we pulled.

                                    Hours pass like minutes as we laugh together about it all.


                                    Sometimes when we reminisce it seems impossible to

                                    Comprehend that so many years

                                    Have passed since we walked those halls.  It seems like

                                    Only yesterday we were young and carefree.  Our

                                    Only worries then were how we looked and who was

                                    Looking at us.  No wonder we still love O. C. H. S.