Dick Krug's Wake at Rockmere


Here are pictures I took at Rockmere on Saturday.  I estimate 75 or more attended.  Eight of us were from the class of 63 and there were several from the 1962 class.  It was a sad event but a fitting tribute to Dick's memory. I'm glad that I went. 

 Greg Williams

Dick Krug's wake was held on May 17, 2008 at the Rockmere Boat Club at 1 PM.

All photos by Greg Williams.  Thanks to Carol for providing the names.

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The Rockmere boat house.

The Alleghany river looking south at Rockmere.

The Alleghany river looking north at Rockmere.

Steve Maher, Dave Carnahan and Pat Shaughnessy

Dave Carnahan, Greg Williams, Steve Maher and Pat Shaughnessy

Pat Shaughnessy, Ron Mathews and Steve Maher

Nick, Switzer Sherry, Sager Switzer, Jim Crawford, Dave Carnahan, and Carol Thomas Krawiec.

Bob Fry's wife Sandy and his Mother (now Mrs. Connor) the school nurse

Carol Thomas Krawiec and Ron Mathews

Jim Crawford, Carol Thomas Krawiec, Nancy Turner Swanson, and Dave Carnahan.

Front row: Pat Allebach Daugherty, Sam Krug, Carol Thomas Krawiec and Dave Carnahan.

Second row: Sherry Sager Switzer and Nancy Turner Swanson.

Third row: Ron Mathews, Greg Williams and Jim Crawford.