6th Grade (1956-57) Part 2

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The image below was provided by Bob Buckham

6th Grade Innis St. School 1956 -1957

Top Row: Bob Buckham, Gerald Felmlee, Dale Trudy, Paul (Unknown Innis 1?), Greg Williams, Jim Olmes, Ed Dempsey, Rick Montana, Jim Crawford

3rd Row: John Barnes, George Kern, Ron Mathews, Bob Danzer, Don Rembold, Bob Hadley,

2nd Row: Wiley Hewitt, Bill Wigren, Peggy Stewart, Jane Jackson, Kay Smith, Linda Babcock, Judy Erickson, (Unknown Innis 2?), Cathy Rose,
Bottom Row (L-R): Patty Michaelson (later Patty Michaels), Susan Espy, Judy Barrett, Blanche Mitchem


The image below was contributed by Barbara Palmer Tenney.

The Siverly Elementary School Cheerleaders, Grades 5 and 6.

Back Row: Donna Sylvester, Joyce Boyles, Edwina Coughlan, Judy Wurk, Barb Palmer, Jean Mohnkern, Judy Boyles, and Sylvia Wolcott.

Front Row L-R: Kathy Brosius, Linda Jackson, Patsy Osten, and Wilma Wilkinson.


The image below was contributed by Carol Myers Billiel

Thanks to Carol Myers Billiel, Carol Thomas Krawiec, James Blum and Bob Hadley  for helping with the names.

6th Grade Lincoln School 1956-57

Top Row: Jim Swires, Joe Ludwig, Unknown L12, Karl Seifert, Jim Oakes, Don Showers, Bill Nelson, Alan Mochel, Unknown L14

3rd Row: Jerry Murray, Nancy Kinch,  Carol Shawl, Patty Rosenburg

2nd Row: Robin Horne, Judy Wallace, Carol Myers, Carol Schwabenbauer, Sharon Douglas

Bottom Row: L-R David Valentine, Kenny Rodgers, Gregory Unknown L20, Ken O'neil and Tom Kerr